• Retailer Focus on Showrooming? Not So Much
    For many retailers looking at commerce, more focus is on mobile websites and less on apps. And based on a new study, showrooming is not at the top of retailers' hit lists. The survey by EpiServer was conducted at the annual Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition and included responses from CEOs, vice presidents, directors and e-commerce managers from 100 atte
  • Mobile Shopping & Devices of Choice
    The company also saw growth in e-commerce overall, with the revenue of independent online businesses increasing 17% from the previous quarter. Around mobile commerce, the research showed again that iPad is a preferred buying device. As in other research, Bigcommerce found that for online mobile shopping sales, the tablet was the preferred device, with iPad sales increasing 363% to $22 million in sales.
  • Small Businesses Courted for Commerce
    Small businesses sure are getting a lot of attention in the world of mobile commerce. Square, the mobile payment platform, just introduced a digital marketplace for small businesses to sell their products nationally. The virtual location, named Square Market, will allow people to open or
  • There's an App (and Revenue) for That
    In the world of mobile commerce, app revenue keeps chugging along. A new study projects that mobile apps will generate $27 billion in revenue this year, with smartphones leading the way over tablets. With the number of iOS and Android apps each hovering around a million, Apple will generate more than two-thirds of the revenue for smartphone and tablets, according to the study.
  • Mobile Commerce & the Disconnects
    When on the lookout for examples of innovative mobile commerce in my travels I often come up short. Sure, there are the obvious ones, when I occasionally see a shopper scan a barcode. On a California trip last week, I did (sort of) catch a couple of examples of mobile commerce in action.
  • The Added Push of Mobile Coupons
    Maybe mobile shoppers need some instant gratification to incent their purchasing while in stores. A reader of The Mobile Coupon App that Didn't Make It, which appeared in this space yesterday, astutely noted that shoppers "like to get the discounts at time of purchase." The former app Endorse asked shoppers to scan their receipts after purchase and receive cash rewards notifications up to several hours later.
  • The Mobile Coupon App That Didn't Make It
    As in any growth market, not all mobile commerce innovations will make it over time, no matter how innovative or well-intentioned. One recent mobile commerce fatality is Endorse, the shopping app that provided customer value while also bypassing the retailer. With Endorse, a shopper would receive about 10 coupons each week, theoretically tied to their past purchase behaviors. The twist was that rather than cashing in the coupons in the store, the consumer could photograph and upload the receipt when they got home.
  • Mobile Commerce Blanketing the World
    It seems like almost every day there's yet another bit of news relating to mobile commerce from all corners of the world. In the last couple of weeks, we've faced a continuous and wide ranging number of developments, including announcements relating to expansion, joint ventures and mobile commerce deployments. While there may be varying commerce-related issues at different time, each geographic region grapples with each as they come along.
  • Mobile Payments a 2-Sided Coin
    The large-scale adoption of mobile payments faces customer sat issues on two fronts. Any mobile payments discussion generally involves the issue of why a consumer would pay via mobile device, since credit cards and cash work fine enough. But there's another side of the coin, focusing on merchant acceptance and implementation.
  • Under the Radar in Mobile Shopping
    A shopping trip over the weekend reminded me yet again of the small and sometimes unseen influences around mobile commerce. Facing a lengthy, multi-city trip, I wanted some new clothes for the road so my wife and I headed out. Upon entering the store, we were informed that there was a mega-sale going on, with everything marked to half price. An instant GroupMe text message passed along the news to my entire family.
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