• Mobile Payments May Be Taking Flight
    The idea of mobile payments being up in the air could be taking on a whole new meaning. Many airlines appear to want to enable travelers to pay by phone on the plane. The majority (71%) of airlines believes the future of airline payments is in mobile, according to a new survey, and more than a third (36%) of them plan to accept mobile payments on-board flights within the next two years.
  • Smartphone Shoppers: What They Can Do vs. What They Do
    A lot of smartphone product research appears to be done using traditional desktop means. A new study finds that when using a mobile device for product research, most smartphone owners (73%) use search engines, while a third (33%) go to specific sites and about a quarter (24%) use apps.
  • Retailers & Dealing with the Web of Mobile
    As mobile commerce continues to pick up steam, more analysis of the details of that activity continues to emerge. In the latest look at how retailers are dealing with mobile, it looks like quite a mixed bag.
  • Mobile Payments: Moving Beyond Starbucks
    During the recent Starbucks annual meeting, CEO Howard Schultz introduced enhanced features to its highly used app, such as the ability to allow customers to tip directly from the app. While likely improving the happiness of baristas in more than 7,000 company-operated stores in the U.S., the move also advances what can be done with the app.
  • Mobile Shoppers & On-the-Fly Search
    Real-time mobile shopping just may drive more consumers to click on ads after searching. It's no surprise that more people are using mobile to search and more also are clicking on what they find on those searches, based on a recent study.
  • Mobile Payments on the Fast Food Menu
    The advancement and adoption of mobile payments is picking up steam, at least at locations where millions of people eat. In the latest in a string of quick service restaurant adoptions of some form of paying by phone, Wendy's just rolled out mobile payments to all its locations in the U.S.
  • What They're Saying about Mobile Payments
    While the issue of mobile payments is far from settled, there are plenty of entities vested in helping determine where it ends up. A research firm now has conducted a comprehensive analysis to find the top influencing companies and which conversations are having a measurable impact on the mobile payments marketplace.
  • QR Codes: Moving Beyond the Scan
    QR codes got somewhat of a bad rap early on. It wasn't that the two-dimensional codes couldn't be easily read with a smartphone, it was more of what happened after. Many marketers, publishers and even some businesses became so enamored with the codes' easy ability to route someone to a website that they neglected to take the next steps.
  • The Growing World of Low-Budget Mobile Commerce
    Mobile commerce may be extending to the masses. Two pieces of unrelated news from different parts of the world may be an indicator that there's starting to be a push to make mobile purchasing easier, if not cheaper, for more people.
  • Banks Getting Closer to Offering Mobile Shopping
    Banks have been in one way or another involved in various aspects of mobile commerce for some time. Some of those activities have been behind the scenes, such as processing payments, and some have touched consumers, such as accepting mobile phone photos of checks for deposit.
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