• Mobile Shoppers Active Before Black Friday
    Driving home from a great Thanksgiving gathering, my family kept asking me what that sound was that the phone in my pocket made periodically. Retailers nationwide heard a lot of that ka-ching the sound from mobile shoppers yesterday.
  • The Mobile Influence on Holiday Shopping
    Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday indicators and deals, much holiday shopping may be over. OK, that's more than a slight exaggeration. But the impact of mobile on holiday shopping cannot be over estimated.
  • 37% of Online Shoppers Turn to Mobile
    After the flood of pre-holiday mobile shopping research we've been seeing, some actual mobile activity numbers are starting to come in pointing to some early trends. Compared to the same weekend last year, this past weekend was a busy one for mobile shoppers online.
  • Anticipating the Needs of the Mobile Shopper
    Some mobile activity continues to move behind the scenes. Since mobile devices are getting better at knowing where they are, it was only logical to start taking advantage of that knowledge. The next question may be what to send when.
  • Apps vs. Online Shopping from a Mobile Phone
    Consumer usage patterns of apps and mobile websites are diverging. Some retailers are adapting to mobile shoppers, man of whom are simply using their phones as an internet-access mechanism, much like they use their PC.
  • Mobile Gift Cards, Shopkick & Google Wallet, Oh My
    Three disparate pieces of recent news point to some interesting directions in the world of mobile commerce. The digital world of mobile continues to merge with the physical world of commerce.
  • 29% Buy Through An App, 46% From Mobile Web Site
    When it comes to shopping, consumers are using mobile apps and mobile websites for different things. While some savvy mobile users tap into the power of apps for all things related to shopping, others turn to reaching into websites from their mobile devices, in search of information or to buy things.
  • 53% of Smartphone Shoppers Use Mobile to Decide the Right Product to Buy
    Smartphone owners tend to use their phones not much so much to buy but rather to help them decide what to buy. This can be a subtle but important distinction when looking at mobile shopping behavior.
  • A Day in the Life of Getting Isis Mobile Payments Up & Running
    There are still some bumps on the road to mobile payments. Since the ISIS mobile payment platform launched nationwide last week, I decided to give it a try. Then things got interesting
  • Shoppers Spend 22 Minutes in Stores; Some Leave in 5 Minutes
    Mobile data is showing some good and bad news for retailers this shopping season. For the last month, the number of people passing stores is down but the percentage of those people passing by who go into a store is up.
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