• Mobile Payments vs. the New Chip Credit Cards
    The deadline for retailers to accept the new credit card types is tomorrow, which could be a new driver of mobile payments. So-called chip & pin cards will be required to be used at all U.S. merchants starting tomorrow. Otherwise, the merchant assumes liability for credit card fraud. This is all part of the new liability standard also called EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, the backers of the card and liability transformation.
  • In-Store, Targeted Messaging: Deals Vs. Annoyance
    In-store mobile messaging can be viewed as a service or as an annoyance. And adding beacons into the mix can translate this into great service or mega annoyance. Various studies have shown that a large number of consumers are open to and even want targeted messaging based on where they are. Of course, targeting in this case means messages that are relevant and useful to the shopper.
  • Mobile Shopping: 51% Want Location-Based Coupons, 45% Shopping Map
    As more shoppers turn to their phones while in stores, they're becoming more open to interactions from retailers, especially based on where they are at any given moment. For example, consumers prefer getting personalized offers via email before leaving home but once near or in a store, they prefer a text offer, according to a new study.
  • Mobile Payments: 77% Want Convenience, 38% Rewards
    Mobile shoppers are drawn to deals but for mobile payments, they want convenience. It turns out that convenience was the most positively discussed subject of new payment methods in a new global study. More than three fourths (77%) of conversations noted convenience, with the travel sector leading the way in terms of the highest share of coverage in the study.
  • In-Store, Mobile Price Checking Hits a Wall
    Mobile shoppers looking for an in-store deal can easily whip out their smartphone, scan a product barcode to find the best price and then get the retailer to match that price. Only if. I've been scanning and price matching since forever ago and it still baffles me that it hasn't moved to the mobile masses.