• Mobile Payments Replacement for Small Change?
    The idea of mobile payments being used for such as a bottle of soda, was raised during the Mobile World congress in Barcelona this week. While credit card titans Visa and MasterCard were moving ahead on their own initiatives, a leader at one brand had some thoughts on using mobile for transactions.
  • Tablets Top Smartphones for Shopping
    A new study indicates that a higher percentage of tablet owners are using their devices to shop compared to smartphone owners. The research also found some other very interesting indicators of of other tablet vs smartphone behavior.
  • Mobile Payment Platforms on the March
    The major credit card companies are moving full-steam ahead in mobile payments. Both Visa and MasterCard introduced major global mobile payment initiatives at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. The market will start to see these programs very soon.
  • They Research on Smartphones, Buy on Tablets
    A new study by Lenovo found that consumers are using smartphones in a big way during the research phase of their shopping journey. When it comes to the actual purchase, however, the mobile device of choice at the moment is more likely to be a tablet.
  • Showrooming May Not Be the Retailer Challenge
    Retailers face both opportunity and challenge in dealing with the mobile shopper. Research shows that shoppers actually prefer going to the store to check out products and they are attracted by product availability. This mean showrooming may not be that big of an issue over time.
  • Mobile Payments Getting Ready for Prime Time
    Near-Field Communication (NFC) is about to get a wide showing at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The question is about the future and timing of the technology in relation to mobile payments and consumer acceptance.
  • Mobile Purchasing: Urgent Need vs. Irrational Passion
    What is it that causes people to buy things from their smartphone? While it keeps getting easier to make a purchase, new research shows that mobile shoppers are willing to spend more, whether rationally or not.
  • The Rise of SMS Mobile Coupons
    Mobile coupons sent by SMS are desired by many consumers and the majority of women using them prefer to cash them in by displaying their phone to a cashier compared to scanning-based methods.
  • Price Matching & the Mobile Shopper
    Retailers that match the prices of online retailers in an effort to combat showrooming only brings them to the starting gate in their efforts to accommodate the active and savvy mobile shopper.
  • The Mobile Strategy Is the Strategy
    Attendees at the MediaPost Mobile Insider Summit have been hearing about and discussing mobile strategy over the course of the three-day event in Captiva, Florida. they soon will go back to deal with the mobile challenges and opportunities in their businesses.
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