• Behind the Numbers of Mobile Payments at SXSW
    Thousands of attendees at SXSW Interactive tried mobile payments at concession stands throughout the Austin Convention Center. A large percentage of those who signed up and tried LevelUp came back and did it again over the course of the conference.
  • On the Collection & Use of Mobile Data
    Data from mobile devices is increasingly being collected and used for a range of things. Some of the data is gathered and used in the aggregate while other pieces of information require a shopper to opt in.
  • Mobile Searching vs. Finding
    A simple search may not be as relevant for mobile shoppers, since they typically are seeking something based on where they are and what they're doing at the time. They may be looking to find something in particular that a typical, a need that a traditional search may not satisfy.
  • SXSW and the Focus on "Me"
    The idea of personalized data and behavior information being used during the mobile shopping process was part of the discussion at SXSW Interactive. A key topic was the idea of "me" and how to address the individual to provide more value.
  • Mobile Payments in Search of Customers at SXSW
    Mobile payments solutions were in display at SXSW as concession stands were prominently outfitted with mobile payments terminals. However, not everyone took advantage even with a large savings on the first purchase.
  • Google Suggests Eliminating Friction to Advance Commerce
    Google sees eliminating friction along the way through mobile commerce to make it easier for consumers. Facing a large audience at MediaPost's OMMA Mobile at SXSW interactive in Austin today, Google's head of mobile and social solutions offered some insights.
  • Tablets Trump Smartphones Yet Again
    Yet another piece of research, this one based on a very large global sample, shows that tablets are the device of choice for tapping into websites and are becoming a leading link to the websites of retailers, over smartphones.
  • In Search of Mobile Commerce at SXSW
    Heading to SXSW in Texas finds much about mobile commerce on the agenda. The Isis trial is in full swing in Austin, MediaPost OMMA Mobile at SXSW is set to take off and retail and shopping experts are ready to discuss the state of the art in mobile commerce.
  • The Flow of the Mobile App Money
    Mobile apps for both Android and iPhone continue to proliferate both in the number being downloaded and the revenue involved. The increase is expected into the future, with the number of devices also on the rise.
  • The Splits in Mobile Commerce
    After passing the halfway point for smartphone penetration, mobile commerce is nearing a benchmark of its own. The question is how consumers ultimately use their mobile devices while they shop, whether by someone's app or reaching a website much like they would from a PC.
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