Search Marketing Daily Editions for July 2014
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, July 21, 2014
Domino's Branding More Than Pizza
Marin Varies Ads Automatically As Product Feed Data Changes
Let Your Pixels Do The Stalking, DataXu Lets Brands Shop The YP Way
Airlines, Hotels Start To Target Mobile-Centric 'Silent Traveler'
BrandSense -- Similar To Google's AdSense -- Will Help Premium Programmatic Take Off
Travelers Rely On Personal Electronic Devices
Microsoft: FCC's Fast-Lane Proposal Could Lead To Billion-Dollar Losses For Business
Responsive Design? Or Design That Feels Responsive To Us?
Google To Rethink In-App Purchases
Digital Key For TV Marketing, Helpful In Reaching Mobile Viewers
Align Your Analytics Strategy With The Empowered Consumer
Google Advertising Growth Spurred By Video
Review: "Storyscaping: Stop Creating Ads, Start Creating Worlds"
The Genius Behind Google+ "Stories"
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, July 18, 2014
Google's App Deep Linking Tools Delivering Decent Adoption Rates
When EU Privacy Watchdogs Meet With Search Engines
CRM Needs A Makeover; Marketing And Sales Need To Share Skills
The One Thing That Could Save Twitter
Google Reports 22% Revenue Growth, Mobile App Indexing Could Create Major Revenue Stream
Lonely Planet Offers Flight Search On Its Web Site
Smartphone Owners Research, Scan, Tap & Pay
Long-Time Google Sales Chief Arora Bolts, Will Run Japan's Softbank
Overcoming Discrepancies In Clicks And Visits
Tumblr's U.S. Traffic Going Mobile, But Not Up
Content Is King Again, Just Look Where The Megabucks Are Going
Getting The ROI From Content You Deserve
Twitter Buys CardSpring, Ups Ecommerce
Search Engines Must Be Open About Delinking Processes
Let The Follower Beware: Facebook And Twitter Get Serious About Commerce
Meet Mobile App Search Engine Relcy
BrandSense -- Similar To Google's AdSense -- Will Help Premium Programmatic Take Off
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 17, 2014
The Search Agency U.S. Clients Spent 29% Of Budgets On Mobile In Q2
Google Strengthens Ties With Auto Industry, Names Former CEO To Board
Myth Of The SEO Manipulator
Microsoft Cuts Staff By 14%, Nokia Hardest Hit
What's A Folklorist?
Google Follows Bing Into Bitcoin Conversions
For Most Consumers, Purchase Decisions Not Tied To Sustainability
Copyright Office Sides Against Aereo, Refuses To Process License Application
Bing Recognizes European Right To Be Forgotten Request
Google PLA Shopping Transition White Paper From Kenshoo
Google+: No.2 Social Network, Ghost Town Or Key Driver Of Local Search?
Social Media: Matching Maturity To The Right Business Model
Shoppers Take Smartphones Over Tablets for Mobile Web Transactions
Three Reasons Why Surveys Should Be Part Of Your Content Marketing Strategy
Where Have All The Wearables Gone?
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Yahoo Takes Control Of Its Mobile Search Ads
Adobe U.S. Brand Clients Up Spending On Search Ads
Apple, IBM Ink Deal To Develop Business Software For Mobile First
Oracle Puts BlueKai At Center Of Marketing Cloud Lookalike Ad Automation
World Cup $6000 Per Mention Must Surely Pop Social's Bubble?
Yahoo Sees Ad Decline In Q2, Mayer Yet To Kick-Start Growth
The Influencer Economy
Grace Blue Launches Creative Talent Search Unit
FCC Extends Neutrality Comment Deadline After Site Crashes
Tackling The Real Problems
Keep Talent: Google's Facebook Defense
Google's Dominates As Microsoft Overtakes Yahoo In Global Digital Ad Revenue
Most Employees Admit to Checking Work Email During Personal Time
41% of Email Marketing Messages Are Opened on a Mobile Phone: Campaign Monitor
72% of Internet Users Check Email on Device:
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 15, 2014
How Brand BFFLs Enter Inner Circles
adMarketplace Introduces Programmatic Bids For Its Search Marketplace
Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence Project Adam
Google, Novartis Collaborate On Smart Lenes
Covario Sees Search Budgets, Impressions, Clicks Grow Double Digits YoY In Q2
Google Settles Gmail Privacy Dispute With Teen User
Google Glass Creator Joins Amazon
Can Yahoo Build On Meager Q1 Growth?
Bing, Cortana Get Smarter For Academia
AdRoll Brings Twitter Retargeting To Self-Serve Dashboard
Building Strong Consumer Ties Is Easier Said Than Done
Younger Viewers Find Online TV, Video Spots More Invasive
CE Growth Continuing in 2014
Direct Mobile Commerce: Bypassing the Retailer
How Bad Can Twitter's Growth Numbers Be?
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, July 14, 2014
Toilet Bowl Morality And Today's Ad-Industry Role Models
Marin Software Automates Google, Bing Shopping Ad Creation
Who Are the Most Influential SEMs On Twitter - And Why You Won't Tweet This Article
Google Creates Niantic AR Game For iOS
Why YouTube's Competition Might Stand A Chance
Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Lead CoreBrand's Most Respected
The Perfect Opt-Out
College Humor Parody Looks At Google As Human
Earth To Media: Consumers Really Are Onto This Whole 'Sponsored Content' Dodge
Google's Map Update For iOS With Yelp-Like Features
Deep In The SEO Fabric
Samsung Gear Aims To Give Wearers More Time
Google To Tour Europe To Discuss 'Right To Be Forgotten'
YouTube Searching Hollywood For Content Players
NSA Panel May Use Typewriters To Protect Work
Media Deals Decrease In Number, But Rise In Value To $49B
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, July 11, 2014
Search, Beacon, And When To Click On The Light
Facebook Lets Developers Sell Virtual Goods
CallFire To Seed Fund Dreams
Vidyo Nabs $20M In Financing, Democratizes Video Collaboration
Let's Connect iBeacons To A Shopper's Internet Of Things
Pharma Brands Feel Mobile Wave
Is Your Content Thrilling?
Smut, Drugs, Yachts, And The Death Of The Middle Class: A Light Opera
Travel Advertisers Open Wallets For Summer
Real-Time With WebSpectator's Parreira On Using Time As A Metric
Former Havas Biggies Reunite To Form Digital Media Holding Company, Epperson Named Chief
Viewability Standards Raise More Questions Than They Answer
Trustworthy Pages And The Algos That Serve Content
Agencies, Trading Desks and Marketers: Time To Talk About Rebates
Smartphone Commerce: Visits, Revenue, Orders Increase
Beacon-Enabled Shopping Tool Added to App
How Panda Reorders Google's Search Queries
Fashion Retailer Adds Responsive Design to Mobile
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 10, 2014
Twitter Tweets You Hear Might Be An Echo
Google Glass Mind Control App Snaps Photos Through Telekinesis
KPI Boutique Ad Agency Launches With Performance Model To Reduce Payment Term Worries
Mindshare Checks Wearable Tech Vitals With New Life+ Unit
The Maturity Continuum Of Social Media
Krylon Launches Digital 'Spraydown' Series
Safari Users Draw On Cell-Phone Ruling In Battle With Google, WPP And Vibrant Media
Insurance Targeting: Marketing Same Product To Three Demos
Streaming Media Player Market Growing, Roku Dominates U.S.
Apple Receives Trademark For Flagship Store Layout, Design
Google Ventures Opens London Office
Nadella's Memo Foretells Microsoft's Future, Products, Culture
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 9, 2014
The Biggest Mistake Marketers Still Make
Microsoft Fine-Tunes Bing Ads Toward Real-Time Reporting, PLA Services
Mobile Ecommerce: Now a $40 Billion Market
YP Updates Mybook
Better ROI Through Re-engagement
Yelp Submits Formal Complaint Against Google
Google's Diversification Efforts Weakening Margins
Global Ad Growth Poised To Double, Digital's Expansion Begins To Ebb
Digital Is NOT A Department
Good News, Roku, Streaming Media Is Catching On
10 Ways To Damage A Startup
Mining The Aisles: In-Store Experiences Will Render Troves Of Data, And Better Relationships
Mobile SSP PubNative Launches After Raising Over $1M
Security Researchers Identify Spam Malware Variants
Why Brands Are Naive To Think Agencies Can Move Beyond Charging For Their Time
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Google's Music Vault Deal And Hypothetical YouTube Broadcast Network
Paid-Search Budget Planning For Next Year: How Much Do I Need And What Will It Get Me?
WordStream Raises $12 Million In New Funding Round
App Developers Gain Resource Hub, Search Engine To Build The Future
While You're Waiting To Watch: YouTube Also Points Finger At ISPs
Marketers Still Not Sold On Native Advertising
Building Wearable Health Apps Can Be A Winning Idea
Google Opposes Authors Guild's Attempt To Revive Book-Digitization Fight
Think Mobile, Act Local
YouTube With $3.5B Revenue In 2013, Says One Report
An Emerging Digital Reality
Holes In Google Maps Linger
Brand Lessons From The World Cup
Video Viewability: What You Don't Know
Why Advertisers Need To Embrace Adaptive Streaming
B2B Media Revs Up 4.5%
Decentralized Search Engines From Peer-To-Peer Networks
Search Marketers Must Think Like An Entrepreneur
iBeacon. BLE Beacon Shipments Become 60 Million Unit Market By 2019
Facebook's Secret Research Was Widespread
Google Betting Fresh $500M On "Shopping Express"
Searched For Privacy Tools? The NSA Is Onto You
Got Google Fatigue? Here Are 6 Alternatives
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