Google Glass Mind Control App Snaps Photos Through Telekinesis

London-based This Place has developed a Google Glass mobile app, MindRDR, that uses brainwaves to take photos of what a wearer sees in front of them. It also allows them to share photos on Twitter and Facebook

The free app uses Google Glass and and a piece of head-mounted hardware --  NeuroSky EEG biosensors -- to measure a wearer's brainwaves. Those brainwaves translate into actions to communicate with Glass, allowing the wearer to control the actions and take a photo simply by concentrating on the task. The technology measures brainwave patterns that are gathered from sessions with the technology.

This Place may be the first to link its brainwave technology to Google Glass, but it's not the first to communicate telepathically to control things in the digital world.

InteraXon's headband, which debuted at South by Southwest in 2013 showed attendees how to play video games using mind control. It allows the person wearing the head device to move images on a computer screen with a thought by sensing brainwaves and turning them into actions. The inventor and neuroscientist, InteraXon CEO and Founder, Ariel Garten, began working at a research lab about a decade ago with a focus on music -- which turned into Muse, the brain sensing headband.



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