Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for September 2018
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 28, 2018
What Google Investments Tell Marketers About Its Search Roadmap
Google Chief Privacy Officer Admits Chinese Search Engine Project Exists
Affiliate New Customer Revenue Rose 45% In Q2 2018
Gmail Smart Compose Rolled Out
Facebook Strikes Back Against DOJ Over Illegal Housing Ads
Tech Companies Urge Senate To Override California Privacy Law
Smart Speakers Moving Toward 50% Market Penetration
Has Android Become A Mobile Monopoly?
Up Close With One Of Google's First Female Engineers
What The Infatuation Has Planned For Zagat
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018
Adthena Poised To Double Size Of Business
Amazon Uses Online Ratings, Reviews To Sell Products In Physical Store
Nike's Kaepernick Campaign Scores With Key Audience: Urbanites
Was WPP's Superagency Meant To Be Geometry+VML?
Charter Endorses Opt-In Approach To Privacy
Google's Road To 20 Years
Google Adds A 'Group Planning' Feature To Maps
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018
Holiday Shopping Means More Online Searches
Google Metric Measures Impact Of Video Ads On Search, Earns MRC Accreditations
Former Google Scientist Asks Senators For Answers On China Censorship Search Project Introduces Attention Platform Currents, Measures User Time With Content
Can Amazon Become The #1 Ad Platform?
Windows Is Storing Text From Emails, Analyst Says
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018
Bing, iProspect Think Search Voice Assistants Should Hear, Think, Feel
Google Will Allow Certified Cryptocurrency Ads In U.S., Japan
Google Rebranding News Feed As 'Discover'
IBM Launches Watson-Based AI Platforms For Advertising, Marketing
Google CEO Meeting With GOP Lawmakers
Google Makes Changes To Search Strategy, Renames And Adds Features Based On AI
Five Questions To Ask When Investing In AI
147 Million Smart Homes Projected For North America, Europe
The Rank And File: Life And Work In A Quantified World
The End Of Fragile Masculinity: Implications For Advertisers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 24, 2018
Apple Search Ads Now Supported By Kenshoo
Adobe, Microsoft, SAP Launch Open Data Initiative
Search, Social To Drive 67% Of Ad Growth By 2020, Zenith Estimates
Adobe Debuts Virtual Analyst For Analytics
Only 22% Of App Publishers Understand Header Bidding
Snapchat Tests New Way To Search Amazon Products
Web Companies Have Right To 'Stifle' Conservatives, Groups Tell DOJ
Brands Use Email But Spend On Martech, Study Shows
Alexa Adds Skype
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 21, 2018
Gap Cuts Search Keywords By 95%
Google Employees Wanted To Manipulate Search Results
Most Expensive Search Keywords Surpassing $200 Per Click
Amazon Offers Alexa Presentation Language To Customize Devices
Adobe Is Acquiring Marketo For $4.75 Billion
Adobe Tried To Acquire Marketo In 2016
Amazon Bows New Alexa Hardware Line, Goes For Home Voice Domination
Volvo Finds Value In Connected TV Ad
US Senators See Their Gmail Accounts Targeted By Foreign Hackers
Amazon Bows 'Echo Auto'
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018
Salesforce Brings Einstein Voice To The Enterprise
Revcontent Pushing To Rid Industry Of Sexually Explicit Advertising
Google's Smart Display Coming, $149 Price Expected
Google Tells Senators Developers Can Still Scan Emails For Keywords
Google Taps T-Mobile For More Accurate Emergency Calls
Lotame Tags Online Data From CPG Companies As Next Frontier
Culture Secretary Is Not Ruling Out A Levy On Tech Giants
Omnicom, MAD Network Test Ad Blockchain Platform
Yahoo Finance Adds To Live Video Team, Expands Offerings
MRC Releases 'Content-Level' Brand Safety Guidelines
Pinterest Opens Content Marketing To Influencer Platforms
BuzzFeed Shopping Guide Is 'Editorial,' Not 'Advertising,' Industry Watchdog Says
Pioneers Vs. Passives: Two Approaches To Artificial Intelligence
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018
Amazon's Forecast $4.6B In U.S. Ad Revenue Gives Marketers Reason To Increase Bids
IBM Creates Technology To Identify Bias In Machine Learning
Google Moves AMP To New 'Governance Model'
Ghostery Mobile Privacy Browser Gets A Search Engine
Gmail's Automated Replies Are Often Laughable: Report
Interpublic Finds Machines Perform Better Than People In Campaign Management
Tech Giants May Be Given One Hour To Deadline On Extremist Content
Amazon Joins Digital's 'Big 3,' Displaces Microsoft
Is Ofcom About To Regulate The Tech Giants?
Is It Really Fair To Treat US Tech Giants As Broadcasters?
MIT Machine-Learning System IDs Objects In Photos
Enter Stage Left: Progressive Sites Proliferate Too
The Trade Desk, IMA Adjust To Living In A Digital World
Mercanto Launches Email Tool For Retailers, Integrates With SendGrid
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018
After Amazon Storefronts, A Self-Service Suite Of Ad Tools?
Bing Shuttering Anonymous URL Submission Tool
Google Apps, Maps Make Their Way Into Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Cars
YouTube Faces New Scrutiny Over Children's Privacy
Why Ads.txt Adoption Is So Important For In-App Ads
In Or Out: It's Really About Making Sense Of The Market
Hootsuite Integrates With Google Ads
Reducing CPA In Google Ads
Amazon Loyalty Scores Giving Company A Boost
Is Amazon Readying Alexa-Powered Microwave Oven?
Amazon Partners With Getty Images
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 17, 2018
Kaepernick And Nike: Search And Social Risks Outlined In Data
Amazon Probes Removal Of Negative Reviews
Google Must Support Local News Reporting, 'Press Gazette' Insists
TripAdvisor To Relaunch As 'Personal' And Trusted Connected Community
Where Is Larry Page?
Gmail To Pull its Offline Chrome App
U.S. Marketers To Spend $15 Billion On Data In 2019
Getty Images Added To Amazon Echo Screens
Dmexco Dominated By Voice, Blockchain And GDPR
Deadline Today For 2020 'All Stars' Nominations
Report Finds Digital Ad Discrepancies Remain High, In Need Of Solution
Alex Jones Wins Info War, Site Traffic Soars In August
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