• Heartthrobs Who Hate Social Media
    Young adults are more likely to be influenced by celebrities, and these screen idols are modeling behavior that might get their fans thinking about the role of social in their own lives.
  • Budweiser Won The Social Super Bowl
    This year the only real contest at the Super Bowl was between the ads. Analysis outfit Touchstorm declared the winners - as far as YouTube is concerned - with Budweiser's puppy spot, Coca-Cola's "America the Beautiful" and Jaguar's #GoodtoBeBad taking the top three spots.
  • Virgin America Launches In-Flight Social Network
    Virgin America has created a social network for Virgin passengers using Here On Biz, a social proximity app for iOS that integrates LinkedIn with location data.
  • Sexting On The Rise
    With Valentine's Day looming in all its fraught, nerve-wracking glory, everyone is thinking about sex and romance even more than usual. Happily, there is a mountain of research into the effects of digital media on our love lives.
  • Social Media Makes Us Dumb, But Think We're Smart
    Everyone knows social networks are great for sharing information, but this facility extends to entire thought processes, as it enables a kind of cognitive copycat phenomenon, undermining our true analytical skills. The finds, per a new study published in the journal of the Royal Society, is titled “Analytical Reasoning Task Reveals Limits of Social Learning in Networks.” Researchers at the University of Oregon grouped 100 subjects into five “social networks” with 20 members each. The social networks were structured to have different levels of “connectivity,” controlling the extent and frequency of interaction between subjects. The subjects were then …
  • Social Media Maps Syrian Factions
    To help understand the civil war in Syria in all its complexity, European academics applied community analysis algorithms to social media to delineate some of the main communal factions.
  • Most Kids On Social Media By Age 10
    Age limits on social media sites intended to keep pre-teens off aren't working, as kids either fib or simply migrate to new social media apps.
  • Social Media Blamed For 50% Of Breakups
    Social media contributes to the demise of most romantic relationships nowadays, according to a new survey. That number includes various types of married and unmarried relationships. Social media also played a role in breakups: 34% saying their ex met someone new on social media.
  • 30% Of Facebook Users To Use Site Less
    One in three (30%) Facebook users believe they will be using the service less within the next five years. Within this group, 40% say they use Twitter, while Instagram is also growing fast, especially among millennials.
  • Super Bowl: At Least The Lights Stayed On
    Well, it wasn't exactly the most riveting Super Bowl in history, but at least the lights stayed on, right? Now, with the Seahawks still picking clumps of Bronco hide out of their cleats, social media analytics firms are rounding up the biggest moments (and of course, best ads) of Super Bowl XLVIII.
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