• RallyPoint Raises $5 Million
    RallyPoint, a social network for current and former military service members, has raised an additional $5 million, the company revealed in a regulatory filing this week.
  • Social Media Threatens Witness Protection Programs
    Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, which use facial recognition technology and automatic tagging of photos, threaten to undermine witness protection programs by revealing the true identity of protected individuals, according to a new report from a former Australia federal law enforcement official.
  • UK Criminalizes Social Media Abuse
    Brits who subject their spouses, partners or family members to psychological and emotional abuse via social media may find themselves facing a five-year prison sentence, even when their actions do not involve physical violence, thanks to a new law which came into effect this week. The law also covers other types of communication including email and mobile devices.
  • Zuckerberg Fires Back On 'Free Basics'
    After India's telecom regulator moved to suspend Facebook's "Free Basics" service for zero-rated basic Internet service last week, founder Mark Zuckerberg came to its defense today in a charmingly traditional medium, with a newspaper op-ed published in The Times of India. The opinion piece rebuts critics who claim Facebook is violating the principles of net neutrality and trying to establish a "walled garden" that steers Internet users towards Facebook and related platforms.
  • Twitter Patents Social Media Drone
    If you thought drones have nothing to do with social media, think again: Twitter is bringing these trendy tech topics together with its design for a new social media drone.
  • ListenFirst Tracks Brands On Pinterest
    Social media analytics outfit ListenFirst is adding Pinterest to its social engagement measurement service for brands, allowing marketers to see how they (and their competitors) are performing.
  • Hearst, Reelio Create Social Influencer Networks
    With more advertisers hoping to tap into the high engagement and cachet offered by social media stars, Hearst Corp. is joining forces with video advertising technology platform Reelio to create new, highly targeted networks of online influencers.
  • Lawmakers Urge Scrutiny Of Social Media For Terror Clues
    Representatives from both political parties urged officials from the State Department and Department of Homeland Security to begin investigating social media as part of the screening process for travelers seeking entry to the United States.
  • Nasdaq Helps Companies With Social Media Outreach
    Nasdaq has created what is essentially a bespoke in-house agency which helps companies listing on the exchange, according to Josh Machiz, Nasdaq's director of integrated marketing.
  • EPA Broke Law With Social Media Campaign
    The Environmental Protection Agency broke the law with a social media campaign that crossed the line into lobbying and "covert propaganda," according to a report from the Government Accountability Office, a non-partisan investigative office employed by Congress.
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