• Industry Adopts Social Media for B2B, Consumer Intel
    It's safe to say there is now a consensus that any consumer-facing company should have some kind of social media presence, from the smallest independent coffee shop to the largest consumer packaged goods company. But now industrial manufacturers are also embracing social media for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications, according to a survey of industrial companies of varying sizes by Thomas Industrial Network.
  • NimbleCommerce Powers SweetJack Daily Deals
    SweetJack, the daily deal service launched by Cumulus Media, the nation's second largest broadcast radio group, has selected NimbleCommerce to power daily deals across all its station Web sites, as well as the radio station Web sites of Cumulus' strategic partner, Clear Channel Entertainment and Media. NimbleCommerce provides an e-commerce platform for group buying, online coupon redemption, merchandising and promotion, syndication, mobile support, email campaigns, and analytics and reporting.
  • Social Media Powers Instant Research Communities
    In addition to using social media for distributing advertising, marketers have long recognized that social media is a valuable tool for research -- and now a number of companies are building online services which allow marketers to plan and execute targeted research campaigns via social media. Towards that end GutCheck unveiled "Instant Research Communities," enabling marketers to leverage fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for research purposes.
  • Sorrell: WPP Will Double Spending on Facebook in 2012
    WPP is looking to increase its spending on Facebook advertising from around $200 million in 2011 to around $400 million in 2012, according to WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell, who made the forecast during a dual interview with Microsoft partner architect Jaron Lanier at the American Association of Advertising Agencies' "Transformation" conference in Los Angeles Tuesday morning. But Sorrell added that the question of measurement is becoming more and more pressing for social media.
  • Less SPAM, More Social Phishing, IBM Finds
    The volume of fraudulent SPAM email has decreased sharply in recent years, but the bad guys may just be shifting their tactics towards social media, according to a new report from IBM's awesomely-named X-Force, the "X-Force Trend and Risk Report for 2011."
  • Marketers Don't Give Social Enough Credit, Adobe Finds
    Marketers may be underestimating the impact of their social media efforts by almost half, according to Adobe's latest Digital Index report, which evaluated how marketers measure Web site traffic from sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger, YouTube and Yelp, including an analysis of over 1.7 billion visits to more than 225 U.S. companies' Web sites.
  • ReadyPulse Unveils Social Brand Advocacy Platform
    ReadyPulse, a startup created by execs from Microsoft and Amazon.com, launched a social brand advocacy platform this week, which is designed to help marketers identify and engage with fans in the social media environment, and convert them into online brand advocates. The ReadyPulse brand advocacy service, based on a behavior analysis and recommendations engine, includes a real-time online dashboard which assigns a loyalty rank to social media followers and also helps brands (and agencies using social media) measure how much these followers are worth.
  • UGC and Social Dominate Online Video Viewing
    While advertising might not be running against all of it, user-generated content and video on social networks represent the large majority of online video viewing, according to a new report from AccuStream Research titled "Internet Video 2011-2014: View, Share, Site, and User Analytics."
  • Employers Asking for Facebook Passwords
    Intrusive much? Just in case I wasn't disturbed enough by the survey (reported in yesterday's Social Graf) which found that one out of five tech companies have rejected a job applicant because of something in their social media profile, now it turns out that some employers are asking potential employees for their Facebook profile passwords as part of the job interview process.
  • 1 in 5 Tech Firms Rejected a Job Applicant Because of Social Media
    Social media profiles are a great way to network and promote yourself, both personally and professionally, but they are also a great way to sabotage yourself with stupid, incriminating content. And indeed, it turns out that one out of five technology firms has rejected a job applicant because of something they included on their social media profile, according to the 2012 annual technology market survey conducted by Eurocom Worldwide and its associated agencies.
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