• EU Tightens Hate Speech Rules
    The European Union has introduced new, stricter rules governing how online platforms handle requests to remove hate speech and other offensive content.
  • 6 in 10 Americans Get News From Social Media
    Nearly two-thirds of Americans (62%) get news from social media at least occasionally, up from 49% in 2012.
  • Misogyny Rampant Online, Study Finds
    A new study from Britain confirms that misogyny is rampant on social media.
  • Bummer: Pot Network MassRoots Can't List On Nasdaq
    This week, Nasdaq informed MassRoots, a social network for marijuana fans, that the company can't list on the exchange.
  • Social Media Tracks Zika Misinformation
    Social media is one of the main vectors for the spread of false beliefs about Zika - but on the plus side, it also allows public health authorities to dispel them via the same platforms.
  • Moms Who Use Social Media Are More Anxious
    Mothers of young children who spend more time on social media are more likely to report feelings of anxiety than peers who spend less time on social media on average.
  • Chinese Government Posts Half A Billion Fake Comments Per Year
    The Chinese government, or its proxies, posted 488 million fake social media comments last year, the vast majority targeting its own citizens.
  • Nextdoor Grapples With Racial Profiling
    Nextdoor.com, which operates local, place-based social networks, is revamping its usage guidelines because of what some critics are calling racial profiling by its members.
  • Social Boosts World's Biggest Earth Day Celebration
    Hey, want to guess where the world's biggest Earth Day celebration takes place? San Francisco? Berlin? Sydney? Not even close. Would you believe... Dallas?
  • Facebook Sells Video Ads On Other Sites
    Facebook will begin selling video ads on Web sites outside its network, including "in-stream" and "in-article" placements on media sites and apps.
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