• Hispanicize Rolls Up Digital Influencers
    The Hispanicize Media Group announced a flurry of deals that will create a major new network of influencers targeting U.S. Hispanics.
  • Facebook Tests Alternative News Feed, Publisher Tools
    The first new feature, currently being tested, is an alternative news feed represented by a "rocket ship," which began appearing on Facebook pages beneath the search bar.
  • Yup, Everybody Uses Social Media At Work
    ComPsych asked 1,200 respondents from a number of companies about their social media habits at work, and found that 88% said they check social media at least once a day.
  • Summer Camp For Wannabe Influencers - Yes, It's A Thing Now
    There is a summer camp especially designed to help aspiring online stars become social media influencers - and no, it is not a free program at the Y.
  • Japanese Company Lets You Rent Friends For Social Media Pics
    A Japanese company, Family Romance, is offering a new service that lets people rent "friends" to liven up their social media photos.
  • Bitcoin Scams Spread On Social Media
    In March of this year alone, ZeroFox identified 3,618 Bitcoin scam URLs, which were shared more than 126 million times on social media.
  • U.S. Implements Mandatory Social Media Screening
    The new screening measures were ordered by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson separately from the administration's two bans on travelers from a handful of Muslim-majority countries.
  • Pope Warns Against 'False' Images Of Social Media
    Pope Francis takes a swipe at social media in a new message recorded for 2017 World Youth Day on April 9, warning young people not to be deceived by "false images."
  • Far-Right Social Media Juggernaut Aims To Break Up UK
    According to the Guardian, Jim Dowson, a far-right millionaire who previously masterminded online propaganda campaigns in support of Brexit and Donald Trump, plans to turn his social media and publishing operations to the cause of Scottish independence
  • Chinese Police Bust Huge Catfishing Rings
    Last week hundreds of Chinese police broke up three rings of social media scammers, which together employed 149 people bilking men out of millions of dollars with bogus romantic profiles.
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