• Social Spend Trails Forecasts
    The latest edition of the CMO Survey surveyed 388 marketing chiefs from big U.S. companies and found that social media ad spend has lagged behind predictions over the last few years.
  • Teen Prints Online Insults On Toilet Paper
    Chiara Nasti, a 19-year-old Italian fashion blogger, has taken abusive comments received on her Instagram account and printed them on toilet paper, then posted photos online.
  • Marines Get New Social Media Rules After Photo Scandal
    The U.S. Marine Corps is issuing new rules governing personal activity on social media in the wake of a nude photo sharing scandal that prompted congressional hearings. It is unclear whether charges will be brought against individual marines, or what those charges might be.
  • Germany Proposes Huge Fines For Illegal Content
    Germany is serious about policing social media for illegal content, threatening fines for social media companies that fail to remove prohibited material in a variety of categories.
  • DHS Social Screening Software Maybe Not Work So Good
    After comparing results of automated screening and screening of social media profiles by human beings, it was discovered that the software tools were unable to accurately match social media profiles with selected individuals.
  • OMG, Facebook Fatigue May Be Real (At Least In Our Minds)
    The proportion of Facebook users who feel dissatisfied has been creeping up steadily over the last few years, according to a study from Bridge Ratings.
  • Trolls Organize Themselves Linguistically
    Academics in Britain have directly engaged with troll communities in order to understand how and why particular groups coalesce around particular topics.
  • Social Media Boosts Fitness Participation
    One of social media's benefits is its ability to boost participation in fitness regimens by allowing users to compare their activity with other participants.
  • More Reasons Not To Over-Share On Social Media
    I know it's tough, but sometimes you have to face up to some unpleasant facts, like you shouldn't tell everyone where you are on social media.
  • Social Media Synchronizes Human Activity At Global Level
    A new study claims that social media - in this case Twitter - is helping synchronize patterns of human activity at a very large scale, stretching across numerous time zones and geographic regions.
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