• IOC Brings Hammer Down On Doping, I Mean, Social Media
    After years of public outcry and criticism, the International Olympic Committee is finally getting tough on doping, no sorry, I mean social media.
  • 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Funded Research Breakthrough
    The "Ice Bucket Challenge" from 2014 funded a scientific breakthrough in the understanding of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.
  • Twitter Stock Tumbles After Weak Earnings
    Twitter took it on the chin again this week, as its stock price tumbled following a weak earnings report on Tuesday.
  • Twitter Repositions, Plans Marketing Campaign
    Twitter is repositioning itself as a source of breaking news and forum for live commentary, and is also preparing a marketing campaign to broaden its appeal among Internet users.
  • Clinton Demanded Social Media Passwords For VP Prospects' Families
    It may be illegal for employers to ask jobseekers for their social media passwords during the hiring process, but that rule does not apply when you're in the running for Vice President of the United States.
  • New Social Net, Candid, Aims For Anonymity And Civility
    Candid users sign in from their Facebook account, and the network tells them how many of their Facebook friends are also on Candid, but not which ones.
  • Social Media Correlated With Stress In Teens
    Being a teenager was hard enough before the advent of social media, which may be contributing to even higher levels of stress among adolescents.
  • DOJ LOL: Justice Department Throws Shade On CNN In Tweet
    A careless U.S. Justice Department staffer tweeted a pithy opinion about CNN, using the DOJ's official Twitter account instead of his or her own personal account.
  • Trump's Social Media Posts Beat Clinton's, Hands Down
    Pew found that Trump's Twitter posts were retweeted an average of around 6,000 times, compared to 2,500 for Sanders and just 1,500 for Clinton.
  • Social Media Helped Defeat Turkish Coup
    Social media did not defeat the attempted coup in Turkey over the weekend - but it certainly played a big part in allowing the human actors to get their messages out.
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