• Parents Worry Social Media Undermines Kids' Moral Development
    Social media is a great way to meet people but it may not be so good at teaching you how to treat them.
  • Social Media Is Ideal For Vulnerable Narcissists
    While it's become cliche to say that heavy social media users are narcissistic, did you know that there are actually two different kinds of narcissists?
  • FTC Raps Warner Bros. For Social Influencer Campaign
    Warner Bros. is in hot water with the FTC because of a social media influencer campaign that didn't clearly disclose that influencers were paid to promote a video game.
  • Pro Tip: Don't Threaten To Kill People On Social Media
    In the wake of tragedy, apparently, comes rank stupidity.
  • More Data Shows Publishers' Facebook Audiences Plunging
    Publishers who were pinning their hopes for audience growth on Facebook should be very, very worried, judging by new data from online market intelligence firm SimilarWeb.
  • Dallas Shootings Live Streamed On Social Media
    In the latest live streaming horror show, the shooting of twelve Dallas police officers during a protest, leaving at least five dead, was live streamed on social media sites.
  • Fatal Police Shooting Aftermath Live Streamed On Facebook
    The aftermath of a fatal police shooting in Minnesota was live streamed on Facebook on Wednesday evening, triggering a wave of online protest.
  • Social Media Fuels Rise In Identity Theft
    Social media is a fertile source of information for online fraudsters, fueling a big rise in identity theft, according to a new report from Cifas.
  • OMG Snapchat Is Full Of Lame Old People Now Too
    As soon as teens find a place to communicate freely away from the prying eyes of toxically lame old people, those same wretched derelicts start gravitating to it too.
  • News Corp. Boss Blasts Facebook Newsfeed Changes
    It's not often that Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. gets to play the wounded victim of a manipulative media giant -- but this time maybe it really qualifies.
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