• Social Media Camera Drone Hits The Market
    Now social media users who are bored with Instagram filters and selfie sticks can take things to the next level with a drone designed specifically for taking pictures to share on social media,
  • Cannabis Network For Seniors Coming Soon
    Seniors who happen to enjoy cannabis or use it for medical reasons will soon be able to find each other online, thanks to a planned new marijuana social network intended just for older adults.
  • Social Media Linked To Better Health In Seniors
    Social media use is correlated with better physical and mental health in older adults, including lower levels of chronic disease and depression, according to a new study published in the journal "Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking."
  • Ad Watchdog Piles On Kardashians For Deceptive Marketing
    The pushback against deceptive influencer marketing has begun. In the latest development, the advertising watchdog Truth In Advertising Inc. has filed a complaint with the FTC concerning numerous posts by the various members of the Kardashian-Jenner family.
  • Google Plans To Expand YouTube As Content Platform With New Social Network Features
    Undaunted by serial failures, Google remains determined to crack the social media market, with a new plan to piggyback social network features on one of its most successful existing platforms, YouTube.
  • Social Media Spurs Spending, And Your Accountant Knows It
    One of social media's key applications is showing off expensive purchases and exotic vacations. It's such common knowledge even your accountant knows.
  • Chipotle's Social Media Policy Violated Law, Says NLRB
    Chipotle Mexican Grill's social media policy for employees illegally constrained their ability to discuss workplace conditions.
  • Facebook Launches Lifestage For Under-21s
    Facebook, a social network founded in an college dorm room, is now officially uncool due to the large number of adults who use it.
  • This Week In Bullying: Social Media's Troll Problem
    It's not clear what, if anything, social media companies can do to combat bullying, which is beginning to drive some high-profile users (and ordinary folks) away.
  • Social Mobile Video Explodes
    People like mobile devices, social media, and online video - so it's no surprise the amount of time they spend watching on their mobile devices is set to explode.
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