• Ford Lets You Tweet From Behind The Wheel
    Ford's new app integration with Meople.Connector gives drivers the ability to post to social media sites including Twitter and LinkedIn via Ford's Sync AppLink, according to DigitalTrends, which first reported the news.
  • Netflix Scores On Social Media With 'Beasts Of No Nation'
    The theater debut for "Beasts of No Nation," which follows an African child soldier who survives a civil war and stars Idris Elba as a terrifying, charismatic commandant, was something of a dud -- but it was a huge success for Netflix, where it has already become the company's most watched film globally.
  • Companies Offer International Social Cash Transfers
    International cash transfers via social media platforms -- and sometimes across different social platforms -- is now a thing, with several companies unveiling new services for remittances, payments, and what are sometimes still quaintly called "wire transfers."
  • IBM Partners With Twitter For Data Analytics
    IBM is making social media analytics more broadly accessible through a new collaboration with Twitter, which will make social insights drawn from the microblogging service available via its new data platform, IBM Insight Cloud Services, along with integration of open data sets and proprietary data.
  • Twitter, CBS Join Forces For Democratic Debate
    Twitter has announced a partnership with CBS News to provide data on audience reactions and allow viewers to ask questions in real-time during the upcoming Democratic debate scheduled for November 14.
  • Excessive Social Media Use Linked To Mental Health Issues In Kids (Again)
    This week brought even more evidence that excessive social media use is correlated with mental health problems in children and teenagers, although (as always) it's worth point out that correlation doesn't prove causation.
  • Twitter Opens Moments To Publishers
    The battle between Twitter and Facebook for control of how people create and consume content around current events is heating up. This week online publishers are getting access to many of the tools used by Twitter for its Moments feature, allowing them to sort, curate, and arrange tweets to create their own Twitter-based content around news events and subjects.
  • Pelvic Training App Invites Women To Share Their #kegelface
    To promote the PeriCoach System, Analytica has launched a social media campaign called #kegelface that -- you guessed it -- invites women to share selfies showing their facial expressions while doing their Kegel exercises.
  • Facebook Leads Social Ad Effectiveness, But There's Room For Improvement
    Facebook scores highest in advertising effectiveness among the leading social media platforms, according to a survey of brand and agency executives from 29 big companies conducted by eMarketer.
  • Pivot Taps Pinterest To Promote 'Human Resources'
    Pivot, a cable and online network owned by Participant Media that focuses on social issues, turned to Pinterest to promote the second season of "Human Resources," an original unscripted reality-comedy series that follows the employees of TerraCycle, a company that figures out ways to recycle stuff ranging from coffee brewing capsules to cigarettes.
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