• Yuno Rewards Users When Friends Buy Products
    With ad dollars flooding into social media and everyone obsessed with social media "influencers," the next step may be actually rewarding people who get other people in their social networks to buy products. That's the thinking behind Yuno, a social shopping e-commerce site that gives people cash back every time someone in their social network sees what they purchased and buys the same (or a related) product.
  • One Billion People Used Facebook on Monday. So What?
    Facebook passed a major milestone on Monday, when one billion people around the world used the social network, according to founder Mark Zuckerberg, who shared the news in a blog post at the end of the week.
  • Facebook Tests AI Assistant, M
    Recently, the digital world has seemed like a crowded job fair, with multiple tech companies waving their resumes in your face asking to be your virtual assistant. The latest entry comes from Facebook, which is throwing its hat in the ring with M, a virtual assistant that (or should I say who?) is currently being beta tested with a small number of users in the Bay Area, according to Wired.
  • Agencies Expect to Boost Social Spend, Mobile Drives Trend
    Social media spending is set to continue growing at a fast clip, according to a new quarterly survey of advertising and media agencies conducted by STRATA, a provider of media buying and selling software.
  • Friendsy Is Like Tinder for College Students, God Help Us
    Probably one of the biggest issues facing America today is the fact that college students just aren't having enough casual sex. Thankfully a new mobile social startup, Friendsy, aims to remedy that situation with a Tinder-style app that is open exclusively to users who have a .edu email -- just like Facebook, before it flung open its doors to the unwashed masses.
  • Global Rout Hits Social Media Stocks, Too
    The falling tide sinks all boats, the converse of the old saying goes. As stock markets around the world swooned on Monday, social media stocks were hardly immune to the overall trend.
  • Moms Love Social Media
    Social media has become a vital part of parents' support networks, and mothers in particular turn to sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to share parenting-related content, seek advice, and commiserate, according to Pew. The results are based on a survey of 2,003 U.S. adults, including 1,235 parents with children under the age of 18.
  • Facebook, Twitter Growth Plateaus In U.S.
    Growth has slowed for both Facebook and Twitter in the U.S., at least in proportional terms, per a Pew study. Some other, newer social networks are continuing to grow at a faster clip, such as Pinterest.
  • Shalett Named CMO For The Odyssey, A Social Content Platform
    The Odyssey, a social content platform that employs a crowd-sourced approach to discovering writers and exposing their work to new audiences, has hired Lisa Shalett as chief marketing officer.
  • Facebook Revives Notes
    Once upon a time, in those innocent early days of social media, Facebook has ambitions of being a blogging platform in addition to the cool new place for everyone to post baby pictures. Then everyone kind of forgot about blogging, including Facebook. But then everyone remembered blogging again, and Facebook has apparently remembered its ambitions here as well.
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