• NBCU To Invest in BuzzFeed, Vox
    NBCUniversal is hip to what the kids are doing nowadays, daddy-o: it's all happening on the Internet, and it wants in, baby! Toward that end, the TV and movie giant is preparing to invest in two online-only news outfits, BuzzFeed and Vox, in a bid to increase its exposure to millennial audiences, according to a report in Recode, citing unnamed sources familiar with the deals.
  • Facebook Tests Profile Tagging
    If you ever feel like you really need to boil yourself down to some basic attributes so people can form judgments about you more easily, Facebook has a new feature that is just for you: profile tags. As first noted by The Verge earlier this week, Facebook seems to be taking a page from LinkedIn, by allowing you to describe yourself with a few pithy, well-chosen words... or a lot of pithy well-chosen words.
  • Consumers Greet The Day With Social Media Apps
    Social media apps are the first thing people check on their smartphones when they wake up in the morning and one of the most popular app categories before they go to bed at night, according to the latest State of Mobile Advertising Report from Opera Mediaworks. The findings are based on the mobile behaviors of around 1.1 billion unique users across more than 19,000 sites and apps.
  • Customer Satisfaction With Social Media Rises
    Americans are pretty happy with the platforms that dominate our online activity, according to the latest figures from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, based on its quarterly survey of 5,400 American consumers. Among other reasons, the improved rating was attributed to the rise of mobile apps -- which make social media sites easier to access -- and better, more reliable delivery of services.
  • Baltimore Ravens Score With Branded Emojis
    Few things go together quite as well as professional sports and social media, and that's even more true with the advent of branded emojis that allow fans to show their pride in text messages and the like. The latest team to tap into the emoji craze is the Baltimore Ravens, which partnered with Swyft to create a keyboard of appropriately purple-hued emotional avatars.
  • Twitter Introduces Live Event Targeting
    Remember during the Super Bowl blackout when Oreos tweeted "You can still dunk in the dark" and the universe changed forever? Well, while it remains to be seen if they can pull off that kind of spontaneous wit, Twitter is hoping to help other brands tap into live events with a new event targeting capability, connecting advertisers with consumers following along with live events.
  • Twitter Updates Answers, Helps Developers Track Apps
    The big overhaul at Twitter continued this week, with a major update to its Answers service, which will allow app developers to track the performance of their apps more closely, TechCrunch reported. The news comes as Twitter prepares to host its annual Flight conference for developers.
  • Twitter Axes Wallpaper on Home Pages
    There was general consternation and violent upheaval on Tuesday as people discovered that Twitter has done a little redecorating of their home pages, notifications, and timelines, which now no longer sport individual wallpapers, leaving a very zen white blank space where users previously had pictures of cats or whatever. The pages still sport their header images, but that's it.
  • Jimmy Wales Founds New Charitable Social Net, Phone Service
    Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is making another attempt to transform social media with a new social network and phone service that enables people to support charitable causes. The social network is called "TPO" for "The People's Operator," a mobile phone service that allows customers to donate part of their phone bill to their favorite non-profit.
  • Wix ShoutOut Helps SMBs Create Facebook Ads
    Small and medium-sized business owners are eager to use social media for marketing targeting their local customer bases, but still face substantial obstacles in terms of expertise and resources. Last year I wrote about a survey of small business owners by Endurance, which found that 72% of business owners said that "we don't have a plan, we just publish when we feel like it," and 76% said they "post to social media when we have the time." Just 30% were using social media to post promotions, coupons, and special offers frequently, while 29% did so occasionally.
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