• #HeterosexualPrideDay Should Totally Be A Thing, No, Really
    Some people took to social media to proclaim June 29 "Heterosexual Pride Day," a special day when over 90% of the population can celebrate being exactly who everyone expected them to be.
  • DHS May Add Social Profiles To Visa Waiver Forms
    Visitors to the U.S. under its visa waiver program may soon be asked to list their social media profiles for scrutiny by Customs and Border Protection officials.
  • Consumers Punish Brands For Deceptive Behavior Online
    Newsflash: people don't like being lied to! Brands who trick consumers with deceptive practices on social media pay a heavy price for their dishonesty.
  • Social Media Undermines Teens' Romantic Skills
    While social media may seem like a boon to people looking for love, it may actually be working against users in the long run - at least if they're teenagers.
  • Social Media Failed To Predict #Brexit
    In the case of #Brexit, Britain's stunning vote to leave the European Union on Thursday, the overall trend on social media seemed to favor "Remain."
  • Social Media At Work Still For Goofing Off
    Social media in the workplace is still basically a way to goof off. That's according to a new survey by Pew Research Center.
  • Facebook Pays Media Companies For Live Video
    Facebook is determined to secure its lead in online video by expanding its offerings to include live streaming content from established media companies.
  • People Prefer Social Media To Face-to-Face Communication
    A new survey suggests that people consciously favor social media to other forms of communication, implying a deliberate choice to be, well, antisocial.
  • Most People Share Content Without Reading It
    A new study by Columbia University and the French National Institute found the majority of links shared on social media are passed along by people who haven't read the content themselves.
  • One In Three Young Social Media Users Are Influencers
    Roughly one third of U.S. social media users ages 16-34, or 25.5 million people, is a "social creator" or social influencer, according to a new study.
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