• Lego Launches 'Lego Life' Social Network For Kids
    Lego has launched a new social network for kids under the age of 13 called "Lego Life." It is intended to provide a kid-safe environment where Lego builders can show off their creations.
  • Could A General Strike Succeed? Maybe, With Social Media
    The basic idea is that the entire working population, or at least a significant portion of it, stops work and engages in mass civil disobedience in order to paralyze the government.
  • Most Americans Don't Trust Social Media News, But It Only Takes A Few
    Even a small number of people convinced of falsehoods can wreak considerable havoc.
  • Rogue Park Service Account Gathers 1M Followers
    Some outdoorsy types at the National Park Service created an "alternative" Twitter account for the NPS that was originally the work of several current employees as well as sympathizers.
  • Trump Admin Widens Social Media Ban
    Some of the suspensions have been lifted or moderated somewhat, but as of Wednesday, the EPA remains under a total media blackout.
  • How Echo Chambers Form
    A study titled "The spreading of misinformation online," used Facebook data to examine how content from two categories - conspiracy theories and scientific news - spreads across the social network.
  • Trump Team Suspends Official Twitter Feeds After Critical Tweets
    On Friday, the U.S. Department of the Interior suspended all of its Twitter accounts after the National Park Service aroused the wrath of the new administration.
  • Fake News Didn't Sway Election (Probably)
    A new study from researchers at Stanford and New York University suggests that made-up stories on social media most likely did not influence the outcome of the presidential election.
  • Maine Lawmakers Make Brave Stand Against Social Media, Reality
    The Maine House of Representatives is a venerable legislative body whose younger members would like it to embrace social media in the cause of transparency and public engagement.
  • Gen Xers Spends More Time On Social Than Millennials
    Gen Xers, defined as adults ages 35-49, spend significantly more time on social media than Millennials, ages 18-34, according to a new report from Nielsen.
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