• Sleep Loss In Teens Linked To Social Media
    Sleep loss in teens is correlated with frequent social media use, according to a study titled "Sleepless in school? The social dimensions of young people's bedtime rest and routines."
  • Facebook Tests Fake News Filter In Germany
    Under strong pressure from the German government, Facebook is testing a new mechanism to filter "fake news" distributed on its platform in Germany.
  • Social-Media Growth Driven By Older Users
    A Pew survey suggests that social media usage among younger adults is leveling off - or maybe even decreasing - as their elders sign on in growing numbers.
  • Hamas Catfished Israeli Defense Forces
    According to the Israel Defense Force, the militant Islamist group Hamas succeeded in eliciting some classified information from male soldiers by posing as attractive women online.
  • In Farewell Address, Obama Warns Against Social Media Bubbles
    Speaking in Chicago, Obama emphasized the risk posed by information bubbles, in which social media has played a role along with other factors like regional differences.
  • Facebook Preps Mid-Roll Ads, But What About UX?
    Facebook is reportedly preparing a new mid-roll placement that promises to make it harder for consumers to ignore video ads.
  • Crowdfunding Raises $140K+ For Facebook Live Attack Victim
    n an outpouring of sympathy, well-wishers have raised more than $140,000 for the 18-year-old mentally ill man whose torture was live streamed on Facebook last week.
  • 4 Charged With Hate Crimes For Live Streamed Torture
    Four people are being charged with hate crimes in addition to a number of other offenses after they tortured a mentally disabled man while live streaming the incident on Facebook.
  • Facebook Live Video Shows Racially Motivated Torture
    A video live streamed on Facebook appears to show four people physically and verbally abusing a mentally ill man in Chicago.
  • Zuck Aims To Meet People In All 50 States
    Mark Zuckerberg will be a busy man in 2017. The Facebook founder and CEO has vowed to meet people in all 50 states as part of an effort to understand the needs of users.
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