• Millennial Parents Turn To Net For Advice
    The kids are having kids now - well, if you consider everyone under the age of 30 a kid, which I absolutely do - and, true to form, they're turning to the Web for advice about parenting.
  • Snapchat Sells Ads For Super Bowl 'Live Story'
    For this year's upcoming Super Bowl 50, Snapchat is selling ads for brands that want to appear as part of its "Live Story" for the event.
  • Millennial Shoppers Heed Social Recs
    Social media is a primary source of recommendations for millennials when they are shopping, according to a new global survey conducted by Demandware.
  • Social Media Linked To Sleep Loss, Again
    This week brought even more evidence linking social media to sleep disturbances in young adults, potentially affecting their physical and emotional well-being and academic performance.
  • Top Execs Leave Twitter
    The high-level shakeup at Twitter continued over the weekend with the departure of four top executives.
  • Social Scores Low Among CMOs
    While plenty of folks pay lip service to social media's potential as a marketing platform, their estimate of its actual value remains fairly low, according to a new survey by the CMO Council.
  • Facebook 'Sports Stadium' Lets Friends Follow Games Live
    Facebook announced the launch of "Facebook Sports Stadium," a hub for Facebook users to follow games live along with their friends.
  • If You Have More Than 200 Friends Online, You're Totally Fake
    A new study by researchers at the University of Oxford suggests that social media - despite its apparent efficiency in enabling us to communicate with large groups of people - can't overcome our basic psychosocial wiring, which limits us to relationships with roughly 150-200 individuals.
  • Most CEOs Still Not On Social Media
    Most CEOs are choosing to just skip the whole social media thing, judging by a new study by business management software provider Domo.
  • World Leaders Hated In Real Life, But Popular On Social Media
    The vast majority of governments and leaders around the world (87%) have a social media presence - including a good number of tyrants, failures, and nonentities.
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