• Young Docs Unfamiliar With Social Media Policies
    Most young doctors are unfamiliar with the policies set out by their employers to govern their own social media activity, including interactions with patients.
  • More Young People Get News From Social Than TV
    Social media has passed television as the most popular source of news for young adults, according to a survey by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.
  • LinkedIn Sold, Is Twitter Next?
    Microsoft's acquisition of professional social network LinkedIn for $26.2 billion is shaking up the digital media universe, leaving many industry watchers asking who's next.
  • Women Are Key To ISIS Social Media Success
    Women formed twice as many direct connections with other ISIS members as did their male counterparts, making them roughly twice as "efficient" in spreading messages.
  • Hillary Tweets Trump: 'Delete Your Account'
    "Delete your account" is a perfect comeback because it pithily combines a brutal takedown with what I can only describe as a sardonic sense of pity.
  • Women Like Brands Online
    According to Influenster, 94% of female social users polled said they interact with brands online, with 31% interacting with brands every day.
  • Social Media App Use Is... Declining?
    According to SimilarWeb, average time spent on social media apps including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram declined globally.
  • Aussie Pols Dump TV For Facebook Debate
    It's a sign of the times: this week politicians in Australia decided to dump broadcast TV in favor of Facebook for their next debate.
  • Dads Get Product Recs From Other Dads Online
    Social Media Link surveyed 1,189 members of social consumer influencer community Smiley360 to get their take on Father's Day, dads and social media.
  • Publishers' Facebook Audiences Plunge
    It seems Facebook is pulling a bait and switch with publishers, judging by a new study which found that media companies have seen their average audiences per story decline by 42%.
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