• Telegram Handles 10 Billion Messages Per Day
    Well, that was quick: from a little-known app for the moderately paranoid, encrypted messaging app Telegram has rapidly grown into a mainstream service for the masses, judging by the huge growth in messaging activity over the last few months.
  • Small Biz Lags in Social
    There's a big disconnect between consumer expectations and reality when it comes to small businesses and social media, according to a new survey from YouGov on behalf of Enplug, a digital signage maker. The survey of 506 small businesses and 1,155 consumers found that consumers respond positively to small businesses with social media presences, but small business owners still lag behind in their social media presence.
  • Tinder: So What If We're All Horndogs?
    Of all the companies to demonstrate a hilarious lack of self-awareness in their social media posts, I never imagined the prize would go to Tinder, that cool, edgy hookup app. But see, I already erred: I guess Tinder would object to that description, since it's really not about hooking up, but just helping people meet people.
  • Viacom Launches Velocity For Social Sales
    Viacom Media had launched a new division within Viacom Ad Sales focused on social media partnerships, products, and services, the media giant announced Wednesday. The new division, called Velocity Product Group, will consist of experts specializing in social media who will work with different ad sales teams to better leverage social and data products on behalf of clients.
  • Epsilon, Klout Bring Social Data to Email Marketing
    Email marketing platform Epsilon is bringing social media data to email targeting through a partnership with Lithium's Klout, which measures social media users' online influence, the companies announced this week. Under the terms of the deal, Epsilon customers will be able to use the Epsilon Social Media Tool to mine Klout's vast social database for insights to make email marketing messages more precise and effective.
  • Most Social Media Users are Depressed, Ugly Failures
    At least, that's how they feel about themselves, according to two new surveys. The findings add to the growing body of evidence linking social media to mental health issues.
  • Twitter Preps Buy Button Rollout
    After a limited test period, Twitter is preparing to roll out its new "Buy" buttons, first introduced in September, more widely through a partnership with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms.
  • Facebook Unveils "Live" Celeb Video Feeds
    Meerkat and Periscope are getting some competition -- sort of. Facebook is getting into the mobile live-streaming video game with a new service, "Live," that enables celebrities and other figures of note to broadcast live digital of themselves to their fans via Facebook's Mentions app.
  • Facebook Says "JK" On Withholding Mobile Data
    Facebook's recent policy change on mobile measurement ran afoul of some of its publishing and developer partners, leading to a rare climb-down for the social media titan this week.
  • Twitter Tests News Tab For Mobile App
    As part of its ongoing push to boost user engagement, Twitter is focusing on its unique position as a "live" platform for documenting events as they unfold. This week the microblogging service began testing a new "News" tab in its mobile apps, which should make information about current events including breaking news easier to find, according to Buzzfeed, which first reported the news.
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