• NBA Refs Get Their Say On Social Media
    Although individual referees still aren't allowed to speak to the press or public about their decisions, the NBRA serves as an official representative for all NBA referees, which includes providing public responses on behalf of particular refs.
  • Snapchat Usage Soars Among Millennials
    Snapchat is the fastest growing social media platform among millennials by a large margin, according to a new survey by Harvard University's Institute of Politics.
  • Facebook Tweaks Instant Articles Ads
    Facebook is responding to publishers' complaints about advertising restrictions on its Instant Articles platform by allowing them to sell more ads, lowering the minimum ratio from one ad for every 500 words to one ad for every 350 words.
  • Bankers Worry More About Social Media Than Interest Rates
    PricewaterhouseCoopers has released the 2015 edition of "Banking Banana Skins," based on a global survey of 672 bankers conducted with the Center for the Study of Financial Innovation, asking what keeps them tossing in their silk sheets at night.
  • Panty Thief Tracked Victims On Social Media
    Last week a man was arrested for stealing women's panties after tracking their locations on social media.
  • In A Momentous Year, Boy Band Bromance Tops Twitter
    Just take a look at Twitter's year in review, which is basically a trip down cognitive dissonance lane.
  • Zuckerberg Responds To Critics Over Philanthropy Plans
    Only in 21st century America could someone announce plans to give away 99% of their fortune, worth around $45 billion, and trigger a storm of criticism for being selfish and insincere.
  • Credit Suisse Mulls Social Net For Super Rich
    Among the many trials and tribulations faced by the super-rich is the fact that they can't go on any of the big social networks without possibly running into the riff-raff -- you know, those people worth less than nine figures, dahling.
  • Is Facebook Referral Traffic Really Falling?
    While some recent data from measurement outfit SimpleReach suggested that the volume of traffic referred to publishers by Facebook is declining, data from other sources suggests that may not actually be the case, the Wall Street Journal reported this week.
  • U.S. ISIS Supporters Prefer Twitter
    While it's safe to say this is not an endorsement Twitter has been looking for, the micro-blogging service is the clear favorite among Islamic State supporters in the U.S.
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