• Germany's Merkel Backs Fake News Ban
    Angela Merkel is as good as her word: the German chancellor is backing a new law that would ban fake news stories distributed via social media, according to German newspapers.
  • Civil Rights Groups Protest Boston PD's Social Media Monitoring Plan
    The pushback against law enforcement monitoring of social media continued this week with an open letter from civil rights groups and privacy to the city government of Boston.
  • Novartis Launches Social Network For Heart Patients
    The network went live in November to help heart failure patients share stories, talk about ways to manage their condition, and draw emotional support from other patients.
  • Twitter Pulls Data Access Over Surveillance Concerns
    Twitter has blocked access to another social media analytics company due to concerns over the information being used for police surveillance of protesters.
  • Social Media Blamed For Rise In Teen Self-Harm
    Psychological pressure associated with social media is contributing to an increase in self-harming behavior among teenagers, according to a new report.
  • NFL Revises Idiotic Social Media Rules, Somewhat
    NFL teams can now post up to sixteen videos on game days, and the league has entered into a test partnership with Giphy.
  • Megyn Kelly Blasts Trump Staffer For Social Media Attacks
    The feud between president-elect Donald Trump and Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly was a fixture of the 2016 presidential election, and social media played a role in the conflict.
  • Man Arrested Four Times After Ex Frames Him On Facebook
    Tyler Parkervest was arrested four times and hit with a huge bail payment after his ex-girlfriend used Facebook to make it look like he was stalking her.
  • Social Ad Spending Poised To Pass Newspapers
    Global spending on social media advertising will overtake newspapers within the next four years, according to the latest media expenditure forecast from ZenithOptimedia.
  • Clarkson Bows Drivetribe Network
    Jeremy Clarkson, car nut and former host of the British hit car show "Top Gear," is launching a new automotive enthusiast social network, called Drivetribe.
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