Video Daily Editions for August 2015
Video Daily - Monday, Aug. 31, 2015
TRUST, A New System That Spots Online Ads With Rights Problems
Cox Launches Flare Kids for Child-Friendly Content
Let's Not Allow Fragmented To Mean Fractured
Epix Walks To Hulu From Netflix
'Vice' Reporters Detained in Turkey
MTV Dealt With Snapchat For VMAs
Rolling Action
'Difficult People' Renewed On Hulu, Despite Difficulties
3 Marketing Lessons From The Top Travel Brand Videos On Social
YouTube Gaming Getting Good Reviews
Mobile Gives Mean Girls Wings
Connected TV Viewing Rises Sharply, Marketer Engagement Does Not
Review: 'YouthNation': Building Remarkable Brands In A Youth-Driven Culture
Video Daily - Friday, Aug. 28, 2015
Disney, Time Warner, 21st Century Fox Media Stocks Show Strength, Diversity
Why Viewability Metrics Can't Predict Advertising ROI
Fightin' Words: HBO's Bewkes Not Awed By Netflix
How Blocking Ads On Apple Phones Can Create A Grand Mess
Space, Augmented Reality Drive Creativity For Ad Industry, With Billions Invested
Google's Programmatic Walls Get Higher By Removing YouTube From AdX
Strata Says 66% Increase in Q2 Steaming Ads YOY
Must Everything Be Tweeted? Roanoke Incident Raises The Question
Writing Monthly Checks To CBS ABC, Fox, And NBC? When Do I Start?
Google Develops Apple iOS 9 Security Workaround For Ads
Discovery Debuts First Virtual Reality Content
Vine Singing Sweeter Tune With New Music-Editing Tools
Programmatic TV To Reach $17.3B Worldwide By 2019, Says IDC Report
Google To Freeze Flash Ads
I Miss My MTV
Cablers Gain Broadband Subs; Live Video Viewing Rises for Pay-TV Operators
Programmatic TV: What's Gross Got To Do With It?
Video Daily - Thursday, Aug. 27, 2015
Tracking The Mysterious Netflix Viewer
GroupM Pounds Out Deal With BuzzFeed, Includes Proprietary Social Data Tool
Another Reason NBC Universal Bought $200M Stake In Buzzfeed
About Half Of Agencies 'Unsure' They Trust Programmatic Rolls Out Programmatic Direct Offering
iOS 9 Content Blocking 'Could Create Serious Threat' For Publishers
Super Cheesy Video With Getty Stock Footage Promotes Mind-Numbingly Simple Ad Creation Tool
Appnext Launches Native Video Ads
Google's Mapping Car Gets Smashed With Tomatoes In Spain
YouTube Gaming Live Streams Officially Take On Amazon Twitch
Time Inc. UK Launches Film Ad Division
Netflix Courting YouTube Stars With Licensing Deals
Video Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2015
Most Video Streaming Comes From A Small Number Of TV Homes
WPP's Sorrell: Is Video Advertising Worth It?
Sorrell: Online Video Ad Growth Threatened By Faulty Measurement
BK To McDonald's: 'Let's Make Burgers Together'
Taking It Personally
Hulu To Begin Selling Ads Via Programmatic
Inneractive Launches Story 2.0
Malvertising Up 300% In 2014, Spreading Cross-Channel Through Search Ads, Display, Video
Goldman Sachs Upgrades Google To Buy List
Erlinger Joins Time Inc. to Lead Video Biz Dev
Netflix Courting YouTube Stars With Licensing Deals
Flipboard Adds Video To Promoted Stories
GroupM Downgrades 2015 Ad Spend Forecast
Connected TV Homes Show Continued Growth
'We Did Too Many Things': 'Angry Birds' Maker Rovio To Cut 260 Jobs
Magazine Audiences Growing Online
WSJ Launches 'What's News' Mobile App
YouTube Gaming Goes Live
Reuters TV Tests Free, Ad-Supported Approach
Video Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015
40% Of Q2 Video Ad Views Came Via Smartphone, OTT
Scion Taps Personalities For Video Campaign
Hollywood At A Crossroads: Q&A With Digital Cinema Report's Nick Dager
Organix Takes Tongue-In-Cheek Approach
Bumpy Ride On Wall Street For Neflix
McPherson, Welt Won't Be Maker's Anymore
Add Smosh And Stir: Netflix Picking Up More Youthful Fare
Erlinger Joins Time Inc. to Lead Video Biz Dev
Conde Nast Expands 23 Stories Branded Content Studio
AMC Has Nothing To 'Fear,' Spin-Off Sets Record
Can 'Rolling Stone' Thrive In Digital Age?
Think You'll Outsource Your Content Marketing?
Donald Trump, The Clickbait Candidate
It's Hard To Measure Content Without First Defining It
Video Daily - Monday, Aug. 24, 2015
Media Planners Say Hurrah For TV Ads (Ask Again Later)
YouTube Adds More Than 1,000 Searchable Songs, Royalty Free
Flipboard Bows Cinema Loop Video Ads
Cross MediaWorks Continues TV Rollup, Acquires VOD Ad Developer BlackArrow
Amazon Says Bye-Bye To Flash Ads
Merial Promo Benefits Assistance Dog Program
How Ownage Pranks Built Up Its Base
As Media Markets Splinter, There's One That Thrives
Pursuit of Tranquility
Twitter Ousts Political Transparency Group
Millennials Prefer Email: Study
Dear Marketers: Really? But Thank You!
Programmatic Marketers Still Catching Up To Consumers On Mobile
We Are All Ashley Madison
Video Daily - Friday, Aug. 21, 2015
The User Interface Problem
Autos Boost Digital Spend, Grow Site Buys
Cord Cutting Gets A New York Times Endorsement
Debunking Google Rumor Of Video Ads Serving In Search Results
Millennials Flee Traditional TV
Amy Pham Next YouTuber Headed For The Movies
The Newest Political Candidate: Programmatic
Wasserman Media Adopts Visual Search Technology
Sex Sells Itself, Not Products
Periscope Up
How To Test Locale-Adaptive Pages
Banner Ads Still Lead Monetization Strategies
The 5 Rules Of Running An Effective Video Advertising Campaign In 2016
The Search For A Single Stack: Answer To Video's Fragmentation Problems?
Tommee Tippee's #ParentOn Opens the Daddy Floodgates
Video Daily - Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015
Soccer, The Beautiful Game, Gets An App That Plays To That
Twitter Audience Platform Promotes Engagement
Bloomberg to Cut Staff
Are Publishers Trying To Juggle Too Much Ad Tech?
Former AOL Canada Head Of Video Sales Elliott Joins Virool
Sizzle To Fizzle: Deep Dive Into Networks' Lackluster Upfront
Meet The People Who Want To Die On Mars
Online Ad Industry Needs To Wake Up And Deal With Ad Blocking
Explaining The New Warm And Fuzzy Gawker
IDG/Nativo Deal Highlights Why Native Advertising Needs Standards
How To Test Locale-Adaptive Pages
Hoping That Newspapers Don't Give Up the Good Fight
Viacom, Disney Struggle With Kids' Ratings
Blogs Vs. Longer Content, Context?
Video Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015
Siri, Tell Me About AppleTV's Latest Incarnation
Shorter Isn't Always Better In Mobile Video Ads
IDG/Nativo Deal Highlights Why Native Advertising Needs Standards
Programmatic Video Buyers Open Up About Open Exchanges, Say They're Just Too Risky -- Sort Of
Google OnHub WiFi Router Connects IoT Devices
Dear Cable TV Networks, Please Don't Add More Commercials
Teads, TubeMogul Partner For 'Outstream' Video Ad Support
'HuffPo' Partners With YouNow For Weekly Video Series
The 'Hidden Tags' of YouTube
Richard Branson Backs A Streaming. . . Doorbell
Maybe You Won't 'Like" To Tweet This: Social Networks' Growth Slowing Down
Snapchat Revs Dive, But Still Raises Big Monies
Video Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015
The Moneybags Are Coming!
Pay TV Subscribers Changing Packages, Not Necessarily Leaving
Comcast Starting New Digital TV/Video Service For Unlicensed Content
Google OnHub WiFi Router Connects IoT Devices
Ad Spend On Mobile Video Soars
NBCU Pours $200M Into BuzzFeed
Digital Forecast To Cut Into TV's Political Ad Bonanza
Facebook Passes Google In Referral Traffic
Gamergate A Year Later, Women Still Fight For Themselves
Studios Drop Suit Against MovieTube
Comcast's New Content Portal To Offer Better Revenue Split For Partners
Hawaii State Employees Can't Watch Netflix, Hulu Anymore
Programmatic Video Buyers Open Up About Open Exchanges, Say They're Just Too Risky -- Sort Of
Tinder Has A Tantrum: Or, How Not To Handle Bad Press
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