Video Daily Editions for April 2016
Video Daily - Friday, April 29, 2016
Awesome Month For AwesomenessTV
New Meaning To Glint In Your Eye
Vevo Axes VevoTV, Launches Revamped Website
How Ad Fraud, Ad Blocking And Viewability Are Interrelated
Google Urged: Drop Livestream Of GOP Confab
Comcast Ups Data Caps To 1,000 GB
Ad Blockers Find Fans in APAC Markets
Gwyneth And Peyton Give Brand Video A Whirl
Google, Amazon and Netflix Are A New Breed Of Monopoly; Same As The Old Breed
Rovi Buys TiVo For $1B, Consolidates Personal TV Marketplace
IAB Tech Lab Says LEAN Public Scoring Algorithm To Come in Q4
Lipton Promotes Sparkling Ice Tea With New Experiential-Plus Campaign
Facebook And Twitter Battle Moves To Video
Video Daily - Thursday, April 28, 2016
The Reflection Of PewDiePie
NBCU Buys DreamWorks For $3.8 Billion
Facebook is Slowly Sucking Our Lives Away, And That's A Good Thing
Facebook Revenue Soars In Q1
Top 4 Millennial Shows On Netflix, A Study Asserts
Data Is Great, But Delivery Is The Solution to Mobile Ad Problems
With Venus, P&G Starts Fanning Olympic Flames
Tubular Lab Measures Influence Of An Influencer
Thrillist Bows Branded Videos For Toyota
Streaming Platforms Boost Broadcast TV Viewership
Marissa vs. Tim: Does Verizon's Interest in Yahoo All Come Down to an Old Google Standoff?
Facebook Says It Racked Up 60 Million Users In The Last 3 Months
Video Daily - Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Unskippable,Too: YouTube Touts New 6-Second Ad
Comcast Sees Steady Q1 Gains, Reportedly Eyes DreamWorks
The Future Of Video Ads Starts Today!
Ad-Blocking Forces Marketers To Understand What's Really Valuable
Marriott Holding A Nice Room For Virtual Reality
GroupM Report Suggests It Might Be Time To Ditch The Zero In 30-Second Ads
Yahoo Makes Agreement With Starboard, Rotates Board Members
Cord Collectors? Comcast Says Video Subs increased In Q1
Native Advertising Definitions Continue To Confuse
Twitter Wants More Than NFL Connection
Three-Step Guide To Measuring TV's Cross-Channel Direct Response
Broadcast Content Key To OTT Provider Success
New Promotion For Young TV Viewers: You Need A Vibe
The Future Of The Internet Is At Stake With Next-Generation Ad Blocking
Video Daily - Tuesday, April 26, 2016
What's Fullscreen? For $4.99, Maybe Viewers Will Find Out
Non-Human Traffic Is Down, Viewability Is Up In Q1 2016
Early National TV Ad Reading: Bigger Upfront Results?
Facebook To Create Camera App, New Video Features
Now Turner Plans A SVOD Digital Service, Too
Legacy Measurement Will Ruin TV's Second Golden Age (And How To Save It)
TV Dominates Digital Media In Average Minute Viewing, Usage
YouTube Still Struggling To Grab TV Ad Dollars
Bloomberg Sees Cross-Platform Deals Constrained By Agency Buying Process
TV Business Targets Digital Viewership Claims With Proposed Measurement Standard
Video Daily - Monday, April 25, 2016
Facebook Advertising Holds Sway. But 'Live" Is Crucial
More Connected TV Devices In U.S. Homes Than Pay TV Set-Top Boxes
Winning Over The Ad Blockers
YuMe Urges Shareholders To Vote For Its Director Picks, Support Strategic Plan
Blondie Asks Obama To Help Musicians Vs.YouTube
Acclaimed 'Lemonade' Also Shows Beyonce's Business Acumen
Cord-Cutting Hits Cable Nets Across The Board
Loew's Using Mobile Video To Woo Millennials
Smooverly: Investor Deck
MasterCard, MLB Expand Partnership
Independent Third Party Is Needed To Track Ad Blocking Data And Patterns
Facebook Tweaks News Feed To Measure User Time
A Word About The Importance Of Words
5 Standout Startups From Tech Day
Virtual Reality Projected To Lead Before Augmented Reality
YouTube Faces Challenges In Quest For TV Ad Dollars
Video Daily - Friday, April 22, 2016
Party Like It's 1999, Die Like It's 2016
Netflix Wins 3 Peabody Awards, Amazon Gets One
OTT Churn Still High
Digital Ad Revenue Rose 20% in 2015
Screen-Savvy, Dedicated E-Sports Enthusiasts Offer Untapped Marketing Challenge
Facebook Live: Not So Good But Very, Very Big
Who Needs VR Glasses? Images Floating In Front Of Our Faces Could Be Next
Augmented Reality Seen Topping Smartphone Usage
FCC Should Prevent Charter From Penalizing Cord-Cutters, Dish Says
Comcast Will Let Subscribers Access Xfinity TV Without A Cable Box
Will The 'Open' Set-Top Box Break The TV Ad Bundle?
Brands Post Tributes To Prince
Crackle Focuses On Fewer TV Spots In Original Series
Binge TV Viewing May Be Slowing Down
Video Daily - Thursday, April 21, 2016
FreeWheel Makes Its Case For Premium Video
Your Future TV Networks Already Have Your Credit Card Number
YouTube Study Says It Delivers Better ROI Than TV
Experiential: The Binge-Watching Of Marketing
Time To Admit Second Screening Is A Myth?
Republican Ad Agency Gears Up For Elections With Rocket Fuel
Taboola's Full Page Personalization Tool Offers Customized On-Site Experience
20% To 50% Of Media Spend Wasted In Siloed Planning Methods
Digital Relaunch Takes Center Stage At BET Upfront
Verizon Patent Deals With Facial Recognition For Ad Targeting
A Guide To Counter Ad-Blocking Tech
Video Daily - Wednesday, April 20, 2016
For YouTube, The Future Looks Virtual
AOL Acquires RYOT For VR, Will Work With 'HuffPo'
Personalization Vs. Personal Relationships
Facebook Partners With Integral Ad Science, Nielsen And comScore On Viewability
Google Tracks Offline Sales From YouTube TrueView Ads
Nielsen Revenues Hit $1.5B
Video Ads Are Better Than Ever On Social Platforms
YouTube Adds VR Viewing Via Google Cardboard
360-Degree View Feature Drives Professional Sports Ticket Sales
BBC News Overhaul Creates Role For Controller Of Mobile And Online
Facebook Floats "Tip Jar" For Enterprising Users
Video Daily - Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Conviva's New Tool Tackles Ad Fatigue
Big FiOs Set Top Box Change Will Change Internet Delivery
Scripps' Newsy Grabs A NewFronts Spot
Amazon Takes Battle To Netflix With Offline Viewing
Marketers Cautioned To Hold Off On Wearables Advertising
Unruly Ad Inventory Available Via The Trade Desk
New OTT Services Raise TV Viewership
National TV Ad Loads Stable, Fox, Scripps, Viacom Record Slight Dip
How Video Is Changing Instagram
Netflix Shares Plunge On Q2 Prospects Even As Q1 Beats Expectations
Video Daily - Monday, April 18, 2016
VideoBlocks Now Will Offer VR Stock Footage
New Amazon Prime Monthly Sub Aims At Netflix
Live! It's In-Your-Face Marketing!
Consumer Awareness Of Blockers Reaches Critical Mass, 42% Would Pay
Yo, Czech It Out
Calif. Cannabis Wholesaler Launches Ad Blitz
Big FiOs Set Top Box Change Will Change Internet Delivery
The Future Of Media Agencies In Today's Programmatic World
Wall St. Remains Bullish On Upfronts, Touts Network TV 'Value'
How Snapchat Measure Up Against Other Social Media
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