• Social Media From The Summit
    Keeping up with social media seems daunting, especially for those marketers whose professional careers predate it and who are trying to adapt. Laura Davidson Public Relations, which has been around for 25 years, aims to stay on top of the phenomenon and proved it recently when it held its first Social Media Summit in New York. While it has its own social media experts on staff, LDPR partnered with a company called Gather + Grow Media to partner on the event, attended by LDPR staff, clients and media.
  • Measuring Success From The Big Screen
    Whether it's a multimillion-dollar national ad campaign or a few weeks on local cable, TV is a huge piece of many travel marketers' advertising strategy. In either case, it isn't cheap. And knowing that, we should be asking, is it effective?
  • An Antidote For Troubling Times
    Travel brands should take the lead on making the world a better, kinder, friendlier place.
  • For Travel Marketers, The 'January Jump' Is A Big Missed Opportunity
    In the travel industry, it's somewhat of a "public secret" that January is one of (if not the) top months for researching and booking travel in many parts of the world. In the U.S. alone, up to 65 million travelers take flight and enjoy spring break getaways. Year after year, we see this surge in spring and summer travel searches during January and throughout the first quarter, the so-called "January jump."
  • The Force Of Habit
    In this month's "Harvard Business Review," former P&G CEO A. G Lafley and Rotman professor Roger Martin talk about the power of simple habit in shaping our brand and product decisions. According to the pair, many decisions are not taken due to an active and positive interest in a product, or even its sector, but by simply following the path of least resistance.
  • Does Tech Sell Rooms?
    How important is the latest in technology to a traveler's decision to stay in a hotel? Obviously, good (and ideally free) Wi-Fi is a given - but how much stock do hoteliers put in marketing their tech abilities? Marketers for tech-forward hotels place a priority on promoting it, but with qualifications because while everyone might appreciate and understand a great bed or restaurant, technology is more complex.
  • Everyone In Travel Needs To Welcome The HENRYs
    We're always looking to define and segment our audience so that we can better understand and target customers. Think YUPPIES (Young Urban Professionals), DINKS (Double Income No Kids), MARPIES (Middle Aged Rural Professionals), YUMMIES (Young Upwardly Mobile Mommies), MOBYs (Mommy Older, Baby Younger) and more.
  • Prognosticating On The Prognostications: Trends For The Future Of Travel Marketing
    A review of 2017 predictions reinforces the challenges and opportunities ahead.
  • Is Airbnb Launching The Era Of The Travel Ecosystem?
    It's been another busy year of record-breaking for Airbnb, and the once-plucky start-up has continued to make its ambition clear.
  • One Person, Multiple Devices And Channels
    When two people visit Amazon's website, they get two different experiences based on their past histories with the retailer. This "Amazon effect" has changed consumer expectations, and puts pressure on travel suppliers to deliver personalization and relevance at every touchpoint. Imagine the following examples.
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