• Do You Know Who's Tweeting Your Airline?
    Among apps, websites, social networks, and call centers, there are a number of ways to get in touch with travel companies nowadays. For consumers, this means a lot of options and is a good thing. For travel companies, this means a lot of channels to keep up with and can seem daunting. But it also means that there are a lot of ways you can understand your audience, and a lot of ways you can adapt your services to meet their needs.
  • My 2-Year-Old's Take On The Sharing Economy
    My two-year-old is learning how to share. She knows if she does not share her toys, then word will spread around the neighborhood and nobody else will want to play with her. Or at least that's what we tell her to encourage a more open mind about parting with her toys. Sharing economy sites like Uber and Airbnb also recognize good sharers. They highlight positive reviews which in turn steers more demand toward the better Uber drivers and Airbnb hosts. Uber and Airbnb can also pinpoint precisely which drivers and hosts need help with customer service as poor service reflects ...
  • The Traveling Kind: Philanthropic Habits Revealed
    New study by Tourism Cares reveals travel as the new face of philanthropy.
  • Is Sharing Good Business?
    While your parents told you that sharing is the nice thing to do, it was a lesson that the lodging industry is learning decades later. With Airbnb leading the way, variations on the accommodations-sharing concept are emerging, even exploding. A couple of entrants that seem to have gained traction in the wake of Airbnb's growth are InvitedHome, which allows travelers to stay in fancy resort homes; and NightSwapping, where travelers gain virtual currency by sharing their own homes-in exchange for the ability to stay in the homes of other people.
  • Who Gets To Define 'Creepy'?
    The Washington Post published a profile of TripAdvisor last week. In their 15th year of operation, TripAdvisor has almost 900 employees and has recently moved into a $120 million complex outside of Boston. Containing over 250 million reviews and receiving 160 new submissions every minute, this travel review site has become a stalwart in the travel industry.
  • Seeing The Big Picture: Drones On The Horizon
    As photography use explodes, drones emerge as a new intrusion to the travel experience.
  • 3 Marketing Lessons From The Top Travel Brand Videos On Social
    Digital video is taking off as a marketing tool, and brands are using it in more and more creative ways on social media. For travel brands - which can benefit from showcasing the visual elements of the experiences they offer - it's especially important to have a strong video strategy.
  • 'First Class' Marketing Relies On Customer Experience
    Google put rumors to rest in mid-July, unveiling its direct-booking interface, which allows consumers to find and book hotels on Google maps without leaving the Google environment. This latest advance is just one reason the online travel-booking business is getting more competitive. Other new entrants such as Amazon and TripAdvisor are flexing their muscles too, while established players like Expedia and Priceline consolidate.
  • Making The Virtual Real
    So you're walking down the street and a virtual avatar JetBlue crew member in a storefront window addresses you in a very specific way - commenting on your hat, the way you walk, whatever. You have an exchange with the avatar, which turns out to be pitching for the airline. The avatar has all the attributes of a hologram/virtual being but then at the end of the exchange a live person steps out, gives you a hug and a gift certificate for a flight on JetBlue.
  • It's Time For Travel Agents To Embrace The Disruption
    For many years, I have been working with travel agents through trainings and conferences. I am continually impressed at how some have creatively built their niche and developed their business. Equally, I am amazed at how many are not prepared for the next few years. Too many are unaware of the changes that have already transpired.
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