• Following The Fast Fashion Model For Travel Marketing
    In the last decade or so, companies like H&M and Zara have revolutionized the fashion retail business by introducing something called fast fashion, where the inventory in stores is changed constantly. Rather than the old-fashioned system, where sweaters would show up in department stores in July in anticipation of fall weather, fashions would change constantly based on what customers were buying that day and other factors.
  • Stuck In Chicago
    Air travel delays aren't fun, but they certainly are frequent. Not being a stranger to delayed or cancelled flights, I usually don't think twice about it and wait. Last Wednesday was a bit different, as a routine United Airlines stop in Chicago was anything but normal. From a customer standpoint, how they dealt with it was exemplary.
  • Poshtel Is Defining The New Vocabulary Of Travel
    Latest travel trends fuel a dynamic merging of hotels and hostels.
  • Boosting Purchase Intent With Native Advertising?
    Native advertising is booming. EMarketer projects $4 billion in U.S.native ad spending for 2015 while Business Insider forecasts $8 billion. If we meet in the middle, that is a $6 billion market and more of the travel sector should join this party. Yes, we have seen some early adopters embrace native like Marriott, Virgin Atlantic and JetBlue but we should see many others in 2015 and into 2016 as roughly two-thirds of marketers plan to increase their native budgets this year. I shouldn't have to search for hours and hours on Google looking for travel examples only to find old ...
  • 3 Ways Travel Companies Can Make The Most Of Social Media
    Travel and social media go together famously. People love to share their vacations and travel experiences online, and social is a great way to keep in touch while you're traveling abroad.
  • Copy These 2 Subtle OTA Booking Secrets
    Besides their massive global resources, online travel agencies (OTAs) rely on a potent and lethal asset to rein in millions of bookings each year: A powerhouse of stealth and strategic marketing tactics that push people to whip out their credit cards and book.
  • Selling On Social Media: Searching For The Holy Grail
    Selling via social media has become the elusive Holy Grail of marketing. A new entry claims to have found a formula to do it and presents an interesting case.
  • Are Millennials Getting More Attention Than They Deserve?
    I'm fascinated by the weekly deluge of studies and columns about the preferences and behaviors of the Millennials. While it is good to keep a pulse on future generations, I think that there is a lot of undue attention being thrust on this very small corner of the larger consumer picture. My caution is not one to ignore the Millennials but to realize that while there is a lot of noise in this area, much of the data stands contrary to the amount of attention.
  • Are Beacons The Next Bright Light In Travel Marketing?
    All of us in marketing are constantly searching for the next big thing and location-based technologies are fueling a lot of excitement in an industry like ours that's driven by geography and unique experiences.
  • Turning Business Into Pleasure: 'Bleisure' Travel Has Arrived
    They're a hotelier's favorite guest. A business traveler (whose company is paying for their room and meals) who transforms into a leisure guest after deciding to extend their business trip with extra days reserved just for fun.
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