• Is The Hotel Brand Bubble Ever Going To Burst?
    The proliferation of new brands has created less differentiation and more confusion.
  • Goodbye, Front Desk
    It's becoming clear that one consequence of the mobile revolution is that marketers have come to realize that good marketing can mean less human interaction in some cases. And it is typically those situations where human interaction is perceived as a negative in developing product or brand loyalty.
  • How To Make Your Hotel More Like Home
    Having been involved in the architecture and design of many hotels, combined with experience working hospitality on three continents, has taught me one critical key to success: pleasing your guests.
  • Connecting The iGeneration To Travel
    Travel brands can help young people influence family travel and become allies in their quest to shape and share their personal brands.
  • The New Consumer Journey: Traveling From OOH To Mobile
    Imagine this scenario: You're walking down the bustling streets of Manhattan and see an OOH advertisement for a fashion brand. The featured shirt catches your eye and you must have it. So you look it up on your smartphone. Thanks to the brand's awesome mobile website, you can buy it instantaneously. Welcome to the newest and trending consumer journey.
  • When Doing It Right Goes Wrong
    It's no surprise that sometimes you can do all the right things and then everything goes wrong. On the other hand, sometimes you do something whimsical and wild -and it falls beautifully in place.
  • 1,000 Reasons To Embrace Augmented Reality
    Marketers should expect and welcome the augmented reality revolution.
  • Adapting To The Hotel Booking Habits Of Millennials
    Baby boomers were once the most coveted demographic group for the hospitality industry, but in recent years millennials have become the largest age group in the US with one of the strongest purchasing power. There are now over 83 million Americans in the millennial age range and they represent an enticing, yet challenging, effort for hotel marketers.
  • Connecting To The Modern Family
    Opportunities exist to shape a stronger message.
  • Travel With A Purpose
    Travel goes hand in hand with sustainability and charity. After all, we are the Hospitality Industry and with that comes responsibility to the local communities in the form of economic development and volunteering. We travel to many places because of their natural beauty and that must be preserved as the visitation and tourism increases. We also travel to experience new cultures and what better way to make an impact in a community than to volunteer.
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