• Sharing Gives Marketers More Mileage
    'Tis the season of sharing and a good time to talk about the importance of having your marketing messages shared on social media. A timely gift comes from the folks at ShareThis, a company that tracks and analyzes social media sharing. Their research shows that travel, not surprisingly, is a highly shared subject, and they have some interesting numbers to share, including:
  • Improving The In-Flight Experience With Mobile
    Several years ago, I had the opportunity to talk with the CEO of a major low-cost airline. As we were discussing their in-flight customer experience, he stopped for a second and bemoaned the fact that the airline had spent so much on seat-back entertainment (the headrest video screens that some carriers provide on flights). "I've been on so many flights in the last several months," he said, "but I haven't seen a single person watching them. They're all watching their laptops instead."
  • How Far Will A Name Travel?
    If you ever want to play a good party game, try the one where you have people attempt to guess a name or word that still has its .com address available. There's nothing more exciting than checking on GoDaddy, Network Solutions or similar sites and having that "Congratulations" pop up to salute your ability to find a name that can still be registered. It's not easy.
  • Pet-Friendly Hotels Getting A Paw Up On The Competition
    Hotel guests no longer need to leave their best friends at home, as traveling with pets is becoming more popular and widely accepted among many hotel brands. Today, a multitude of national hotel companies and smaller independent properties across the country are realizing the value of being truly "pet friendly" and rolling out the red carpet for Fido and Fluffy. More than just a marketing ploy, many hotels are debuting elaborate, carefully crafted programs, converting rooms to designated "pet friendly" spaces, and actively promoting to a pet-loving crowd.
  • Surmounting Serial Branding
    Nobody wants to be a serial hotel brander but sometimes it just happens because of economic reasons or the decision of a new owner. A brand is a promise to deliver on a set of standards but what happens if a hotel or resort shuffles through multiple brands in a short time? How does the public - or travel planners - keep up with that kind of change?
  • Bringing Cause Marketing Forward
    Marketing can be a fierce competition around the holidays, but for some companies the holiday season brings out their more humanitarian sides as well. As consumers start planning get-togethers with family and friends over long weekends, marketers tap into their customers' sentimental feelings and bring their chosen causes to the forefront of their campaigns (those marketers who have causes, anyway).
  • Multicultural Marketing: Addressing The Ever-Growing Opportunity
    Tomorrow is Election Day, and if you've been following the polls and listening to the pundits, you're keenly aware of the increasing impact minorities will have on the outcome. Whether it's the African-American, Asian or Hispanic vote, the power being displayed by these electorates should serve to remind all of us in marketing to pay close attention to the growing clout of these audiences.
  • 3 Ways Hotel Marketers Can Tap into The Authenticity Trend
    Bill and Britney, a couple in their 20s, decide to take their first vacation together. Britney opens her laptop and starts searching while Bill takes to his tablet to see what he can find.
  • Hotels Are In The 'Hood
    Every hotel and hotel brand now realizes that an important goal is not only to be a base for exploring the destination in which they're located, but to really be the guest's guide to the area - in any way possible. The reasons are many: associating the property with the destination; creating a stronger relationship with the guest; and building up the destination so people will travel there and perhaps stay at the hotel.
  • 'Frictionless' Purchasing And Marketing Opportunity
    By now, just about everyone has read about Apple Pay and how this time things will be different - people will actually have the ability to easily use their phones to pay for products and services everywhere, and the masses will finally embrace "plastic-free" (or "frictionless") transactions. I agree with those who think Apple Pay will be a game-changer - because of the security it provides, the partnerships with major banks and credit cards, and the scale only Apple can offer.
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