• Optimize Your Website To Capture Last-minute Travelers
    Booking a vacation can call for a substantial amount of advance planning and budgeting for travelers - but today, it doesn't have to. The questions around what drives travelers to book last-minute trips, and why they make the last-minute travel purchases they do, are changing in many ways. Travel professionals understand these industry-wide changes are underway. What's harder to understand is why some travelers wait until the 11th hour to book, and how to convince them to convert when they're finally ready.
  • Visit Philadelphia Loves Visiting New York
    You might think that Philadelphia would be wary of its big-city neighbor, New York - both competing fiercely for tourists. But it turns out that Brotherly Love extends to Philadelphia's long-running and persistent wooing of New York travel media. Visit Philadelphia, the tourism marketing arm for the city, has been sending delegations to New York since 1999 - sometimes once a year, sometimes more - rarely not at all. There are several consistencies around the events: an interesting venue, good food - and actual news.
  • Promotors Breed Promotors
    I knew this saying was true, but to see tangible examples is always an amazing find. After examining the results of many Net Promotor Score Surveys, this principle becomes a consistent gold mine throughout the exercise.
  • Standing Up For Everyone
    Travel is all about equality.
  • Travel Trends For 2015
    With a multitude of travel trends right now, I was having a tough time picking just one to write about. So I thought it would be a great time to share some thoughts on four key trends to focus on to help your travel or tourism business thrive in 2015. Since we all read 10 articles a day about mobile and social, I am going to cover some other hot segments that tend to get less coverage.
  • How Hotel Groups Are Using Social Media Around The World
    Social media has become a huge driver and part of business for the hotel and accommodation industry. It provides a great way to attract potential clientele, showcase a hotel's atmosphere visually, and update guests on any news. Most of the largest hotel groups worldwide already know this. In fact, they've been just as diligent about growing their digital presences around the globe as they have been about growing their physical presences.
  • Fix This One Thing To Attract More Repeat Guests
    While many folks are focused (rightfully!) on hotel website design, rate parity and direct bookings, smart hoteliers are rededicating themselves to good, old-fashioned service.
  • 4 Types Of Instagram Hashtags And How To Make Them Work For Your Brand
    Everyone knows the fastest way for brands to engage customers and prospects is through visual content. With more than 200 million monthly users, Instagram has taken the social media world by storm and created the perfect platform for travel companies, agents and destinations to showcase their offerings in a unique way to attract new customers.
  • Dealing With The Dizzying Device Dilemma
    It's challenging enough that consumers visit multiple sites when they plan and book travel so that a marketer has to wade through the data and figure out the patterns that make it more productive to target and retarget. But now that there are seismic device shifts as more time is spent on mobile and tablets, marketers have to figure out what they're doing on what device - and put it all together.
  • When It Comes To Travel, There's No Room In The Luggage For Bad Emails
    As the mass-hysteria of Disney's "Frozen" suggests, people love snow. However, when it is piled down sidewalks and doubles the morning commute, snow's allure disappears as quickly as a bucket of movie popcorn. In these frigid, winter months, rather than wondering when consumers will let it go, travel industry marketers should instead be asking where they are going.
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