• Message Therapy
    In the 1960's, Marshall McLuhan, a philosopher and public intellectual, famously said, "The medium is the message" - meaning it is the media platform itself that is most important - not the content of what the medium is delivering.
  • Bring The Playtime Of Vacation To Snap
    The increasingly popular social platform Snap (formerly known as Snapchat) has allowed consumers to share their experiences around the world in real-time. It also allows a great opportunity for hotel brands to use the platform to reach consumers in a different, more meaningful way. If done right.
  • Top Down: Strategic Data Targeting For The Entire Funnel
    Last month in my Data 101 article, I discussed myriad data targeting tools available to travel marketers. This month, let's take a deeper dive into the different use cases for strategically applying that data throughout the marketing process.
  • Why Everyone Should Be Exploring VR
    The opportunities to leverage this powerful technology are more accessible than ever.
  • Yep, The Affluent Can Improve Their Social Status. How? By Traveling
    Can we really achieve social status just by traveling? It wasn't that long ago when the well-to-do went straight for purchasing (and showing off) expensive new possessions. Want to get a leg-up on the neighbors? Buy a new Mercedes or Rolex or Gucci purse. But there's only so many pairs of Louboutins a person can buy before needing something "more."
  • Programmatic Video Moves The Needle For Travel
    If programmatic video is the future of advertising, then, in the words of the great science fiction writer William Gibson, "The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed." The distribution varies from industry to industry, simply because some are better suited than others. Accounting, for instance, may benefit less from great video ads than travel.
  • Three Cheers For The Red, Blue - And Neutral
    Once again, a Washington hotel proves it's possible to capitalize on political excitement without upsetting potential customers. As was the case with The Jefferson hotel pushing a puppy for president (see my column), the equally venerable Mayflower Hotel (part of Marriott's Autograph Collection) launched a campaign earlier this year positioning itself as the city's "official bi-partisan" hotel. Upon check-in, guests are asked to select a red or blue guest room key card, signifying #TheMayflowerVote. - and triggering an informal straw poll. Of course, any guests who aren't interested in being polled can simply request a standard room key.
  • Don't Miss The Boat: Data 101
    As a travel marketer, there are myriad ways you can spend budgets to sell rooms, cruises, vacation packages, and everything in between. Unfortunately, you don't always know who likes what, why they would be interested in your product, or even if they're even in the market to buy.
  • A Voice Drives The Future Of Travel
    Possibilities abound for speech recognition to fuel better experiences in travel.
  • Travel Brands Up For CLIO's - What They Did Right
    If you're an advertiser, the CLIO Awards should be a familiar name. Honoring innovation and creative excellence in the industry, the CLIO Awards make being a nominee a great accolade in itself. Submissions from all of the globe have been reviewed and whittled down by world class creative talent to the 2016 Shortlist revealed last week. Of the remaining elite, five travel brand campaigns have made the cut!
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