• Sharing The Wisdom
    It may not be surprising but a recent study from the GBTA Foundation, the education and research arm of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) found that "Millennials lead the way in using newer travel services. "The survey, in partnership with American Express, showed that travelers ages 18 to 34 are more interested than other travelers in ride share services like Uber (46%) and room-finding services like Airbnb (35%.)
  • Food Tourism: The Latest Fad Or Here To Stay?
    A group of 200 industry food tourism industry leaders met last month at the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian, Spain, at a conference co-hosted by the United Nation's World Tourism Organization. The purpose of the conference was to define food tourism and debate the value and future of the industry. The result? The consensus is that food and drink tourism is here to stay. Why? It's mostly about the money.
  • Luxury Cruise Brands Focus On Personalization Through Specialization
    The worldwide cruise industry is a $131-billion dollar business. For luxury cruises, nearly 90% of sales were booked through travel agents. This was the launching point for the Luxury Cruise Lines Discussion Panel at CLIA's cruise3sixty 2015 event in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., this past month.
  • The Impact Of User-Generated Content In Travel Marketing
    Taking photos and staying in contact with family are the top two reasons travelers pull out their smartphones while vacationing. According to MDG Advertising, 68% of mobile device owners use their smartphones primarily to keep in touch and almost half prefer to use them to take photos and videos, creating a climate perfect for Instagram to come out on top.
  • The Post-Demographic Traveler
    Two recent reports provide valuable insights for travel marketers.
  • A Mess Of Millions: OTAs And The Truth Behind Their Unpaid Hotel Taxes
    The OTAs have been spending a lot of time in the courtroom lately. What's behind the courtroom drama? Unpaid hotel taxes. The figures are eye-opening, the depth is staggering. Here is the shocking truth surrounding the striking tax disparity facing our industry.
  • Optimize Your Website To Capture Last-minute Travelers
    Booking a vacation can call for a substantial amount of advance planning and budgeting for travelers - but today, it doesn't have to. The questions around what drives travelers to book last-minute trips, and why they make the last-minute travel purchases they do, are changing in many ways. Travel professionals understand these industry-wide changes are underway. What's harder to understand is why some travelers wait until the 11th hour to book, and how to convince them to convert when they're finally ready.
  • Visit Philadelphia Loves Visiting New York
    You might think that Philadelphia would be wary of its big-city neighbor, New York - both competing fiercely for tourists. But it turns out that Brotherly Love extends to Philadelphia's long-running and persistent wooing of New York travel media. Visit Philadelphia, the tourism marketing arm for the city, has been sending delegations to New York since 1999 - sometimes once a year, sometimes more - rarely not at all. There are several consistencies around the events: an interesting venue, good food - and actual news.
  • Promotors Breed Promotors
    I knew this saying was true, but to see tangible examples is always an amazing find. After examining the results of many Net Promotor Score Surveys, this principle becomes a consistent gold mine throughout the exercise.
  • Standing Up For Everyone
    Travel is all about equality.
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