• Saturday Morning TV: Carnival - Not Cartoons
    TV is the thing this year TV is the thing this year Radio was great but it's out of date TV is the thing this year. Those lyrics are from a 1953 Dinah Washington song (warning: it's rich in double entendre) and, guess what, for all the digital frenzy, TV is sometimes still the thing for travel marketers who see the medium as a tool that can be incomparably powerful in the right situations.
  • The Power Of Video: 4 Examples Of Sight, Sound, Motion And Data
    For decades, travel advertising efficiency was based almost exclusively on creative content. Over time, technology came into the fold and brought with it solutions for consumer targeting, ad delivery and results measurement. Today, creative and technology work together harmoniously to drive overall brand goals.
  • Can Travel Help Eliminate Terrorism?
    Our industry has a chance to bring hope and opportunity to those who see none.
  • Enhancing Travel Destinations With Brand Experiences
    I talk about brand experiences ad nauseam in my quarterly contributions and this entry will be no exception. During 2016, we activated more brand experiences than any year past. With each new activation, I dwell on the symbiotic relationship between brand experiences and their locations. When planning said experiences, its success theoretically hinges on the location, but I'm beginning to think the relationship is more mutual. What I'm suggesting is that locations need brand experiences just as much as brand experiences need locations, and here's why.
  • Holiday Season Ad Stampede: Can Travel Marketing Rise To The Surface?
    Though we may not want to admit it, Christmas is right around the corner, and with it comes one of the busiest seasons for travel marketers. It's not a secret that during the holiday season everyone amps up their advertising for one last push before the end of the year, and it can be a challenge to stand out in all the advertising noise.
  • Consumers Love Convenience, And The Travel Industry Should Take Note
    I'm sure I'm not the only one who views any complex travel planning with a mixture of stress and terror. As part of a generation that's become very accustomed to ordering a cab through one press of my Apple Watch screen, I feel that pretty much everything should be this easy.
  • Message Therapy
    In the 1960's, Marshall McLuhan, a philosopher and public intellectual, famously said, "The medium is the message" - meaning it is the media platform itself that is most important - not the content of what the medium is delivering.
  • Bring The Playtime Of Vacation To Snap
    The increasingly popular social platform Snap (formerly known as Snapchat) has allowed consumers to share their experiences around the world in real-time. It also allows a great opportunity for hotel brands to use the platform to reach consumers in a different, more meaningful way. If done right.
  • Top Down: Strategic Data Targeting For The Entire Funnel
    Last month in my Data 101 article, I discussed myriad data targeting tools available to travel marketers. This month, let's take a deeper dive into the different use cases for strategically applying that data throughout the marketing process.
  • Why Everyone Should Be Exploring VR
    The opportunities to leverage this powerful technology are more accessible than ever.
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