• Hotel Marketers' Wish List For 2015: 10 Things That May Surprise You
    While the items have changed immensely since 1984 (nobody wants a dot matrix printer or box of floppies this year), the sentiment behind the list stays the same: Hotel marketers want things that make their guests happy, their jobs easier and their hotels prosper.
  • Getting Sold On Twitter Selling
    When Kinko's started in 1990, the idea of a social media network like Twitter would have been pure sci-fi. And there are some skeptics who believe that using social media for marketing remains somewhat of a sci-fi-like mystery, but Bernard Perrine, who co-founded the office services giant (later sold to FedEx) believes that Twitter can be used as a productive marketing tool.
  • Creating Optimal Travel 'Journeys' In Email
    I help companies create customer journeys - cross-channel communication strategies that (ideally) reach customers how and when they want to be reached with relevant, useful, and timely information. Email is one channel we spend a lot of time with in particular, because for many clients it's the core of their customer journey. For many industries - like Retail, for example - these email journeys can be fairly straightforward. For Travel, however, the ideal email customer journeys are often far more complex.
  • The Cuban Evolution: Caribbean Marketers Need To Get Ready
    Thawing U.S.-Cuba relations signal the coming of a new tourism reality.
  • How To Attract More Millennials
    For years, the travel industry has buttered their bread by catering to the Baby Boomers. It makes sense that people who are retired and have plenty of free time would travel more than average. But over time, Gen Y has grown up and now represents a massive opportunity for the travel sector with around 70 million people in the 18-34 age bracket.
  • How Travel Brands Can Excel At Social Customer Care In 2015
    Social media has transformed the way customers speak with brands. Among its many benefits, social media has created a place for customers and clients to reach brands easily and quickly at any time of the day.
  • Holiday Gifts: 17 Free Tools That Make Hotel Marketing Easier
    Every day you learn about new software, emerging social media channels and burgeoning review sites. And every day you wonder how you will ever manage it all.
  • Sharing Gives Marketers More Mileage
    'Tis the season of sharing and a good time to talk about the importance of having your marketing messages shared on social media. A timely gift comes from the folks at ShareThis, a company that tracks and analyzes social media sharing. Their research shows that travel, not surprisingly, is a highly shared subject, and they have some interesting numbers to share, including:
  • Improving The In-Flight Experience With Mobile
    Several years ago, I had the opportunity to talk with the CEO of a major low-cost airline. As we were discussing their in-flight customer experience, he stopped for a second and bemoaned the fact that the airline had spent so much on seat-back entertainment (the headrest video screens that some carriers provide on flights). "I've been on so many flights in the last several months," he said, "but I haven't seen a single person watching them. They're all watching their laptops instead."
  • How Far Will A Name Travel?
    If you ever want to play a good party game, try the one where you have people attempt to guess a name or word that still has its .com address available. There's nothing more exciting than checking on GoDaddy, Network Solutions or similar sites and having that "Congratulations" pop up to salute your ability to find a name that can still be registered. It's not easy.
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