• 6 Sales And Marketing Metrics Every Hotel Owner Cares About
    Hotel owners and asset managers are frustrated. They no longer want to hear about "branding initiatives" or fuzzy math from their management teams ... they expect their sales and marketing leaders to contribute to revenue in a measurable way, communicate in number-speak and be accountable for tangible results.
  • 'Hubbing' Social Media
    Social media has become a bit like Old MacDonald and his farm - with a Facebook posting here and an Instagram photo there, here a tweet, there a tweet...
  • Making Your Airline Experience Exceptional
    Ah, the glamour of air travel. Wide, spacious seats and aisles with smiling passengers, good food, and quiet, uninterrupted time to ponder the miracle of traveling in comfort at 30,000 feet.
  • What Can Native Advertising Learn From 'Homeland' And Jason Bourne?
    I'm a big fan of spy shows like "The Americans," "Homeland" and the "Bourne" movie series. The top operatives in these programs have one common thread in that they are able to assassinate somebody plus make it look like it was an accident. That is what truly makes them a rare pro. Native advertising done right also takes a pro.
  • The Millennial Mindset: Not Just For Millennials
    Travel brands are appealing to more than a demographic.
  • 5 Simple Ways Hotel Marketers Can Attract More Corporate Accounts
    How much of $289.8 billion would you like?
  • Hyatt Control Room Takes Social To A New Level
    Picture a room in Omaha with Hyatt associates looking at screens filled with social media home pages, with a focus on Twitter. In shifts, they watch 24/7 to see what guests, past guests and potential guests are saying to each other, to Hyatt and to their friends and family about their experiences with or opinions of Hyatt hotels.
  • Content Marketing, Social Media, And Travel
    As a former editor and content strategist way back when the internet was still shiny and new, I'm absolutely thrilled by the renewed focus on content marketing today. Back in the late '90s, those of us who specialized in content often found ourselves repeatedly trying (and often failing) to describe to marketing and IT clients - especially the IT clients - what exactly our jobs entailed.
  • 5 Ways To Heat Things Up
    You've just spent nine months booking romantic getaways, social events, and business travelers. Now you must convince mom and dad that your hotel is the best place for their family's summer vacation.
  • What Travelers Want On Mobile

    Companies in the travel and hospitality industries know that in order to keep customers engaged with their brand, they must deliver simple, seamless experiences. Now more than ever, this is true in the digital space. When booking travel online, consumers value helpful and informative experiences — with an increasing focus on accessing services via mobile devices. So, how can brands deliver this type of mobile experience for today’s always-connected, on-the-go consumer?

    It all starts with understanding what these consumers want, and how we can deliver it to them.

    The Travel Consumer’s ...

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