• Instagram: The Place To Be For Travel Brands
    What started out as a quirky, iPhone-only app has grown to a massively influential media network with over 400 million users. No longer just a grid of photos, Instagram is a huge business with very real use cases for brands.
  • Go Global - Gradually
    Marketing globally is an ambitious and potentially rewarding goal, but it's easier said than done. How do you market to people in all those countries where laws are different in every location and the nuances of targeting audiences would be challenging to a local marketer, not to mention one reaching out from the U.S.
  • The Future Of Business Travel Looks Bright
    Online meetings might be convenient, but they are not a replacement for meeting clients face-to-face. Despite their connectivity and ultra familiarity with technology, Millennials see more value in business travel than their Boomer counterparts. In the recent Global Business Travel Association survey, it showed that 45% of Millennials desire to travel for business, which was nearly twice that of the Boomers (26%).
  • Traveling Beyond Millennials: Get Ready For Generation Z
    Understanding what the next wave of travelers cares about.
  • 3 Course Corrections Travel Brands On Social Should Make Right Now
    Creating a digital marketing campaign isn't a simple task. Especially for travel brands, who tend to be competing with a number of other similar companies during peak seasons, it's extremely important to stand out. Of course, creating a strong campaign on social requires a lot of time, energy, and resources across different departments.
  • Risks And Rewards Of Extending A Luxury Brand
    In the last couple of weeks, leaders of two luxury lodging brands discussed expansion plans - and looked at the world in very different ways.
  • Decreasing The Ever-Increasing Digital Marketing Gap
    This was a very interesting experience in contrasting marketing strategies. I spent nearly a week speaking at a travel conference at a Disney World Resort and came away deeply impressed at the strong narrative delivered throughout my experience. The depth of the Disney narrative and the clarity of the message was reinforced throughout every aspect of my activities.
  • Do You Know Who's Tweeting Your Airline?
    Among apps, websites, social networks, and call centers, there are a number of ways to get in touch with travel companies nowadays. For consumers, this means a lot of options and is a good thing. For travel companies, this means a lot of channels to keep up with and can seem daunting. But it also means that there are a lot of ways you can understand your audience, and a lot of ways you can adapt your services to meet their needs.
  • My 2-Year-Old's Take On The Sharing Economy
    My two-year-old is learning how to share. She knows if she does not share her toys, then word will spread around the neighborhood and nobody else will want to play with her. Or at least that's what we tell her to encourage a more open mind about parting with her toys. Sharing economy sites like Uber and Airbnb also recognize good sharers. They highlight positive reviews which in turn steers more demand toward the better Uber drivers and Airbnb hosts. Uber and Airbnb can also pinpoint precisely which drivers and hosts need help with customer service as poor service reflects ...
  • The Traveling Kind: Philanthropic Habits Revealed
    New study by Tourism Cares reveals travel as the new face of philanthropy.
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