• 'Frictionless' Purchasing And Marketing Opportunity
    By now, just about everyone has read about Apple Pay and how this time things will be different - people will actually have the ability to easily use their phones to pay for products and services everywhere, and the masses will finally embrace "plastic-free" (or "frictionless") transactions. I agree with those who think Apple Pay will be a game-changer - because of the security it provides, the partnerships with major banks and credit cards, and the scale only Apple can offer.
  • How Smart Storytelling For Airline Brands Creates Engaged Fans
    Social media is one of the strongest ways for brands to convey their identity and maintain close communication with consumers. The advent of social allows companies in any industry to have a unified, direct line of contact with fans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. As such, social provides a crucial opportunity for brands to differentiate themselves and show their fans why their story is valuable - one worth caring about.
  • Storytelling On Steroids: Marriott Ups The Game
    Marriott focuses further on developing great content and memorable stories .
  • The Mysteries Of Mobile
    Mobile is awesome and it is the future, but we seem to have a lot of mixed messages on mobile. Here are some thoughts and stats on the mysteries and misconceptions of mobile.
  • Back To School Means Back To Basics For Hotel Marketers
    Remember when all you needed was a cool lunchbox and a No. 2 pencil to be ready for the new school year? Those were the days!
  • Data, Meet Strategy
    The hotel business used to be about location, location, location. Now it's about data, data, data. Unlike location, however, data alone might not ensure success. A strategy has to go along with it. That's the position of Michael Wilson, senior director of product strategy for Webtrends, a 20-year-old company that was early in the data game "You won't be collecting the right data if you don't have a strategy for using that data," said Wilson. "Once you have a strategy, you can use the data to optimize customer experiences. If you don't have the expertise to use data correctly then ...
  • Email For Travel - Building A Better Program
    In the past year, I've written about the importance of Social, Mobile, and even wearables, and the role they're all playing in travel marketing today. I haven't spent much time discussing email, however - the foundation of any digital strategy that continues to deliver year after year, despite being declared dead more often than disco. Every time the bloom falls off the promise of a new, "sexier" channel or strategy, email is still there - innovating, driving tremendous revenue, and proving again and again that a smart email program can deliver results like no other.
  • Working On The Unused Vacation Crisis
    Maybe the travel industry should take a new tact that embraces work.
  • 6 Sales And Marketing Metrics Every Hotel Owner Cares About
    Hotel owners and asset managers are frustrated. They no longer want to hear about "branding initiatives" or fuzzy math from their management teams ... they expect their sales and marketing leaders to contribute to revenue in a measurable way, communicate in number-speak and be accountable for tangible results.
  • 'Hubbing' Social Media
    Social media has become a bit like Old MacDonald and his farm - with a Facebook posting here and an Instagram photo there, here a tweet, there a tweet...
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