• Content Marketing, Social Media, And Travel
    As a former editor and content strategist way back when the internet was still shiny and new, I'm absolutely thrilled by the renewed focus on content marketing today. Back in the late '90s, those of us who specialized in content often found ourselves repeatedly trying (and often failing) to describe to marketing and IT clients - especially the IT clients - what exactly our jobs entailed.
  • 5 Ways To Heat Things Up
    You've just spent nine months booking romantic getaways, social events, and business travelers. Now you must convince mom and dad that your hotel is the best place for their family's summer vacation.
  • What Travelers Want On Mobile

    Companies in the travel and hospitality industries know that in order to keep customers engaged with their brand, they must deliver simple, seamless experiences. Now more than ever, this is true in the digital space. When booking travel online, consumers value helpful and informative experiences — with an increasing focus on accessing services via mobile devices. So, how can brands deliver this type of mobile experience for today’s always-connected, on-the-go consumer?

    It all starts with understanding what these consumers want, and how we can deliver it to them.

    The Travel Consumer’s ...

  • Millennial Mysteries
    As the Hollywood screenwriter William Goldman famously said, "Nobody knows nothing." He was talking about nobody knowing how well a movie will do once it's released. But the same may go for any kind of hard data on Millennials - despite their being the most-studied group since, well, Baby Boomers.
  • Adapting To The Changing Social Landscape
    Oh, Facebook, you've changed. The decreased organic reach of the Social Media bell cow has been well documented for some time now; brand likes and follows (and the ability to generate them) have slowed to a trickle with the enhancements to Facebook's interface and the changes to their business model.
  • For Love and Livelihood: Giving Back With Tourism Cares
    Tourism Cares, brought together people and companies to help in the restoration efforts of the Miami Marine Stadium and Virginia Key Beach Park in Miami.
  • Hotel Revenues Low? Say Hello To CRO
    New metric powers RevPar, ADR and AOR.
  • Don't Let Grass Grow Under Your Website
    It's 2014. Do you know where your website is? Redesigning a website takes a huge investment in time and money. The question is: how often do you do it? And how do you respond to the way people use the Internet?
  • Experience Vs. Privacy - The Marketer's Dilemma
    As marketers, we tend to get very excited by new technologies - and the opportunities they create for us to get closer to our customers. Sometimes these new ideas and channels provide astounding opportunity (such as mobile); sometimes they're just distractions that never come to fruition (how's your Second Life avatar these days?).
  • Appealing To The Millionaire Next Door
    New affluent study reveals marketing opportunities.
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