• Experience Vs. Privacy - The Marketer's Dilemma
    As marketers, we tend to get very excited by new technologies - and the opportunities they create for us to get closer to our customers. Sometimes these new ideas and channels provide astounding opportunity (such as mobile); sometimes they're just distractions that never come to fruition (how's your Second Life avatar these days?).
  • Appealing To The Millionaire Next Door
    New affluent study reveals marketing opportunities.
  • How Machines Will Become 'Agents'
    We used to drive to see a travel agent to book our family vacation. What if your house, watch or car knew you well enough to book your next trip? Can inanimate objects and devices from our daily lives leverage enough data to make our vacations more enjoyable? Sounds way off in the future but the Internet of Things is already here. Twice as many things are connected to the Internet as people.
  • Hotel Marketing Apathy: The Hidden Cost Of Doing Nothing
    A dangerous trend is creeping its way into the hallways of hotels and resorts throughout the country.
  • Seen Any Good Promotions Lately?
    The tie-in between movies and travel is longstanding. Guidebooks offering help on visiting destinations are popular, as are tours around, say, the locations in "Field of Dreams." But in an era of social media, the tie-ins and marketing potential increase exponentially.
  • The Changing Face (Or Screen) Of Customer Experience
    The importance of the mobile experience in travel marketing can't be understated. As I've written about before, the inspiration to travel (and the need to book it!) strikes at all times of day, in all environments - and with our mobile devices always on, always nearby, and constantly in use (the average person checks their phone 150 times a day), inspiration usually starts becoming action via the mobile channel.
  • Don't Forget The Product: Little Things Still Mean A Lot
    I just returned from a three-week vacation in Hawaii, and I was once again reminded that the key to great marketing starts with your product. As I traveled across the islands, staying in everything from five-star hotels to small bed and breakfasts, I found that little details resonate in big ways. As marketers, we're working to enhance our SEO and PPC, embrace the next social media craze or ramp up our focus on mobile, but we'd all benefit greatly by taking a long, hard look at the product travelers experience when they stay with us.
  • Surprise! Your Hotel's Website Is Killing Your Business
    Would you buy three-year-old TVs for your rooms? How about cheap lobby furniture that no one wanted to sit on? The answers to these questions are obvious. But as strange as it may seem, some hoteliers remain blissfully unaware of another problem right under their nose: their website is harming their business.
  • Will These Hotels Be Best Sellers?
    The relentless movement toward experiential travel seems about to reach a new milestone. A group called Hemingway Hotels & Resorts will soon announce the development of its first hotels. Building on a long-term partnership with Ernest Hemingway's estate, the brand foresees a Hemingway-like experience with the focus on nature, references to locations in Hemingway's work and libraries featuring the writer's works (among others). Even the staff will reflect Hemingway in "a passion for life, unwavering integrity and respect for the natural world."
  • Going Local (and Social)
    Remember "The Accidental Tourist?" The Anne Tyler novel (and Oscar-nominated movie) featured a travel writer who visited exotic cities and precisely organized his meals, his itinerary, and every other detail without ever experiencing the cities themselves. Now, surely, there are still travelers like this, people for whom deviations from the expected norm are merely distractions to avoid. But travelers of all kinds are increasingly seeking out experiences that are genuinely unique and using social media (and their mobile devices) to guide them - and marketers in the travel and hospitality industry are taking notice.
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