• Adapting To The Hotel Booking Habits Of Millennials
    Baby boomers were once the most coveted demographic group for the hospitality industry, but in recent years millennials have become the largest age group in the US with one of the strongest purchasing power. There are now over 83 million Americans in the millennial age range and they represent an enticing, yet challenging, effort for hotel marketers.
  • Hotel Chains Need To Start Offering More Personalized Add-on Services
    The hotel industry, which has enjoyed a five-year boom, is now girding for tougher times ahead.
  • A Puppy For President?
    Ordinarily, it would not be wise for a hotel brand to get political - why alienate a large minority of your customers? But during an election season with so much focus on the news, there are ways to tap into the interest without taking sides.
  • To Make Hotels Great Again, You Have To Make A Story
    Great destinations create great stories that so personally shape you that you want to take a piece of them home. That's why, since I was seven years old, I've been amassing a life's collection of items that I call "honestly stolen." From high to low design and all manner of kitsch, these artifacts represent times and places and adventures so indelible that I wanted to possess something to remind me of them. Now, as a designer, I have a deep appreciation for the power these artifacts have to inspire a memory.
  • Time To Re-route Your Travel Marketing Strategy
    Right now, a family is planning a vacation and their mindset is radically different from the travelers of three years ago. Their motivations are more sophisticated, their needs are more complex, and their media choices are more fragmented. If you're marketing a destination, your fundamental strategies must keep pace with how consumers plan trips today. You have to market on their terms, exceed their expectations of a brand, and outsmart your competition rather than outspend them. This vacation business is hard work.
  • 5 Best Practices In A Converging World Of Screens
    While Americans are busy planning their summer vacations, travel marketers are busy looking for new ways to reach them with the draw of sight, sound and motion. Palm trees swaying in ocean breezes, children splashing in water, tanned couples running on the beach, a tall icy beverage-these are the images that have been used to court would-be vacationers for decades.
  • Travelers Voice Their Desires About In-Room Entertainment
    New research examines the role of in-room TV and entertainment systems in meeting the needs of today's evolving traveler.
  • Travel Brands Are Getting Real
    This year's Cannes winners signify an important shift in how modern travel brands tell stories.
  • If You Build It, They Will Be A-mazed
    After a few decades in the marketing and PR business, I thought I had seen every imaginable technique for getting consumer and media attention. But I hadn't considered corn. (Corn-y, yes, but that's not what I'm talking about.) For sheer visual delight and true consumer interaction, you really cannot beat a 40-acre, custom-designed maze created in a giant cornfield. And The MAiZE, based in Spanish Fork, Utah, is the world's largest maze consulting and design company, having helped connect farmers and sponsors to create unique mazes for such brands and organizations asAmerican Idol, the Super Bowl, the Obama presidential campaign, ...
  • Maximizing TV + Video
    For marketers, it's all about the screen now. And while so much focus is on video, there is still power in television - and more power in maximizing campaigns that combine video with TV. The trick, as with all new media, is to do it right and there are multiple companies claiming that they hold the key.
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