• Whirlpool Acquires Recipe Search Engine
    Whirlpool, the largest home appliance maker, is adding to its portfolio of connected things. The company has acquired Yummly, a recipe search engine with some 20 million users. Whirlpool has been focused on creating the kitchen of the future.
  • Best Buy Adding Smart Home Installers To Aid In-Store Customers
    The smart home is getting a new backer, as Best Buy partners with Vivint to provide installers of smart home devices inside the retailer’s stores. Best Buy already has ‘Connected Home’ departments in man of its stores.
  • Facebook Shuts Oculus VR Filmmaking Operation
    Oculus is closing its virtual reality filmmaking operation, the company announced today. The Facebook-owned VR company said it was going instead to focus on funding and supporting the content of other filmmakers and developers.
  • Uber Self-Driving Car Program Goes Back To Court
    Uber goes to court today to see if it can continue working on self-driving cars. The company has been sued by Alphabet's Waymo, which also is working on self-driving cars. Waymo claims a former engineer gave Uber some of its tech secrets. The judge will decide.
  • Apple May Introduce Siri Speaker
    Digital voice assistants are hot. Ever since Amazon's Echo debuted, more consumers have become intrigued with the devices. Now there are rumors that Apple will be launching its own smart speaker, likely at Apple's developer conference. This would follow Google Home, which followed Amazon's Alexa.
  • Google Maps, eBay, Amazon Drop Apple Watch Support
    Support for the Apple Watch seems to be dropping, at least from a few significant locations. Amazon, eBay and Google Maps all have take Apple Watch apps off the App Store, according to reports. All of them were among the first to support the Aple Watch.  
  • Amazon Dash Buttons Expanding
    Amazon's Dash button, the one-touch purchaing device, continues to grow. There now are more than 300 Dash buttons, many for major brands, according to Fortune. The online seller recently created virtual buttons at its website as well.
  • Connected Car Company Acquired By SiriusXM
    Connected car technology company Automatic has been acquired by SiriusXM for somewhere north of $100 million, accoreding to the CFO of SiriusXM. Automatic makes a small, plug-in device for cars, which allows smartphone tracking of various systems in the car.
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