• Apple Developing EKG For Its Smartwatch
    Apple’s smartwatch has always been good at certain heart monitoring features. Now the company is working on an advanced feature to predict future afflictions.
  • Sony Readies VR Music Event
    Virtual music experiences are growing, and Sony wants to get in on the act. Sony is teaming with pop hitmaker Khalid for a VR experience set to kick of at SXSW in Austin.
  • Amazon Acquires Connected Camera Company
    Amazon is expanding its reach in smart homes. The online behemoth has bought a connected home security camera company that initially started as a crowdfunded startup.
  • BMW, Alibaba Team For Smart Speakers In Cars
    All major car makers have an eye out for innovations relating to the Internet of Things. Now BMW is teaming with Alibaba to integrate smart speakers with a cloud-based infotainment platform.
  • Facebook Softens Stance On VR Competitors
     Facebook has changed its mind around other makers of virtual reality. The company just announced that its VR chat app will support HTC Vive and the SteamVR platform.
  • Pokemon Go Gets Better Augmented Reality
    The company that helped popularize augmented reality is improving its technology. Niantic, the maker of Pokémon Go, is creating a new AR experience using Apple’s new ARKit tech.
  • Magic Leap Finally Shows A Product; AR Headset For 'Creators'
    It’s taken a while – actually, a long while – for Magic Leap to come to market with something. Three years later, the company is launching a creator edition of it augmented reality system. Next year.
  • Google Kills Tango AR, Shifting Focus
    Augmented reality keeps marching along. Google is shifting AR gears, dropping its Tango AR platform as it moves ahead with ARCore, more of mass market approach.
  • AT&T Tests Delivering Internet Over Power Lines
    At its most basic, the Internet of Things requires connections to the actual Internet. Now AT&T is trying to deliver high speed internet access through traditional power lines that already are there.
  • Planet Fitness Taps AI For Competitive Advantage
    Companies of all types are looking into artificial intelligence. Now Planet Fitness is using AI to give it an edge in an attempt to increase customer retention.
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