• Starbucks Launches First In-Store Augmented Reality
    It hasn’t started in the U.S. yet, but augmented in at least one Starbucks has just been introduced. The program rolled out at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Asia, in a partnership with Alibaba.
  • Treasure Hunting App Transforms To Augmented Reality Hub
    Augmented reality can be used for various application. A Utah-based startup found that out as it started out one way, for AR treasure hunting, and then changed to another way, as a hub for other AR developers.
  • Artificial Intelligence Starts To Blur Reality
    Artificial intelligence is moving ahead and even able to start to blur hat hay have been real. Researchers have shown video of a horse being instantly transformed into a zebra. 
  • Viacom, Nickelodeon Back VR Startup
    More money is heading into virtual reality, even before it becomes a technology adopted by the masses. A Los Angeles-based VR company received $30 million in funding from backers including AMC and Viacom.
  • Civilian Drone Registrations Required Again
    At first drones didn’t have to be registered. Then they did. Then then didn’t. And now the registration-free period is over as the U.S. again requires registrations for civilian drones.
  • First Wireless IoT Licenses Issued In Hong Kong
    The Internet of Things continues to spread around the world. Hong Kong just issued its first public wireless IoT incenses as the market gets ready for the lightning-fast 5G services. The licenses will facilitate such things as smart lighting and tracking systems for people and luggage.
  • Researchers Show IoT Devices Powered Without Batteries
    One of the major issues relating to small sensors is how to power them for the long term.  A Seattle startup thinks it may have the answer in a project developed during the founding team’s graduate study. They created a prototype that can wirelessly communicate without batteries.
  • 300 Companies Testing IoT Ideas On T-Mobile Network
    T-Mobile is expanding its footprint with applications for the Internet of Things. The wireless provider announced that there are 300 companies testing IoT applications on its network in the Netherlands.
  • Airbnb Adding AR, VR For Guests
    Augmented reality continues to expand into various markets and now Airbnb said it is experimenting with both AR and virtual reality. The idea is to let potential customers explore apartments in advance.
  • Facebook Opens AR Platform To All Developers
    Facebook just gave augmented reality a major boost. The social media giant announced that it is opening its Augmented Reality Camera Effects platform to all developers so they can start creating AR experiences.
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