• Apple Combines Machine Learning, Siri Teams
    Apple has merged its artificial intelligence and machine learning team, where Siri resides, under a new leader, formerly from Google.
  • Ex-Apple Engineer Arrested, Charged With Stealing Self-Driving Car Secrets
    A former engineer at Apple has been arrested and charged with stealing secret information relating to Apple’s autonomous car efforts. The person was arrested while preparing to board a plane for China.
  • Vodafone Intros Smartwatch For Kids
    Vodafone Group has introduced two new wearable devices that can be connected through its smartphone app. The devices are a children’s smartwatch and an emergency contact band.
  • Apple's Shortcuts Leverages Apps
    Apple’s well-known voice assistant Siri is getting new power form “Shortcuts,” allowing the voice agent to make recommendations based on activities deemed relevant by apps.
  • Baidu, Softbank To Deploy Self-Driving Buses In Japan
    Baidu has teamed with Softbank to mass-produce autonomous mini-buses to hit the roads in select Japanese cities. The buses will pick up passengers in gen-fenced locations, such as airports.
  • Smart Technology Sees Through Walls
    MIT researchers have created a technology that can “see” people through walls as they move around. The radar-like tech is known as RF-Pose.
  • Another Amazon Go Store To Open In Seattle
    Continuing its expansion of stores without cashiers, Amazon is opening another Amazon Go store in downtown Seattle. The checkout-free store will be in the heart of the business district.
  • Smart TVs Gather Viewing Info For Targeting Ads
    Television viewer information is increasingly being captured and used for more precise consumer targeting. One of the biggest of the tracking companies has raised $40 million in venture funding.
  • Samsung Adds Bixby Voice To Frame TV
    Samsung keep moving its Frame TV forward, now adding its Bixby voice control to the flat screen. The voice feature also can be used to control other connected devices in the home.
  • Smart Scooter Company Raises $300 Million
    As the scooter wars heat up, the startup Bird just raised an additional $300 million, giving it a valuation of about $2 billion.
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