• Apple Enables Purchasing Via 'Quick Look'
    So shoppers with iOS can use augmented reality to see items in space and then make a purchase, Apple is expanding its concept of Quick Look.
  • Qualcomm Intros Next Generation 5G Tech
    Qualcomm announced its third-generation modem, which could start showing up in 5G smartphones near the end of this year.
  • No Refunds For Exhibitors At Canceled MWC 2020
    The GSMA, which runs Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona, notified exhibitors they will not be receiving refunds from the event, which was canceled due to the coronavirus.
  • AT&T Adds 5G In 13 More Markets
    AT&T is adding 13 markets to its 5G coverage map bringing the total number of its 5G markets across the U.S. to 58.
  • Samsung Positioned To Weather China Virus Fallout
    Since it moved its low-cost smartphone manufacturing to Vietnam many years ago, Samsung is poised to benefit from the coronavirus crippling sales and manufacturing in China.
  • Mobile Gamers Prefer To Shop Directly From A Brand
    The majority of mobile gamers would rather shop directly from a brand than through a third-party retailer, according to a new survey.
  • Augmented Reality Tapped For Fashion Week Trends
    The company behind the YouCam Makeup app is partnering with an on-demand beauty service provider so customers can virtually try on looks that we trending during Fashion Week.
  • BT Unveils Revised TV Content Approach
    After attempting to compete head-on with content providers, British Telecom now is taking a more pragmatic approach to adding content on its Now TV platform.
  • Jetman Takes Off Straight Up, Soars Over City
    Dubai’s Jetmen executed a human vertical takeoff before soaring in a three-minute flight in a project supported by a Swiss military pilot who invented the carbon-fiber Jetman pack.
  • Drones Used To Deliver Items Across College Campus
    A student startup at Yale is using drones to deliver candy, snacks and essentials to specific drop-off spots located around the campus. The items are ordered via iPhone app.
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