Study Finds 360-Degree VR Ads Perform Better, Improve CTR 300%

A new study shows that 360-degree virtual reality ads perform significantly better than traditional ads.

Across metrics including click-through rates, viewability and video completion, 360-degree VR ads performed better in every dimension, according to the study by OmniVirt, which analyzed 700 million ads served.

VR photos were found to perform 300% better than regular two-dimensional photos in click-through rates, and 360 videos caused a 46% lift in video completion rate compared to regular videos.

When presented with an interactive 360-degree video, 86% of users chose to interact with the video. The study also found that most viewers of 360-degree video content stare straight ahead and look up and left more often, compared to down and right, according to OmniVirt, a VR and AR ad platform.

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