Adobe To Offer New Personalization Tools

Adobe is adding several capabilities to its Adobe Target in the coming weeks including a general, AI-powered speeding up of the personalization process.

The changes are designed to help clients achieve “personalization faster and more easily across all visitor interactions and touch points,” writes Drew Burns, group product marketing manager for Adobe Target, in a blog post. 

According to Burns, the improvements include:

Tailored recommendations based on profile data — Adobe Target’s new ‘Recommended for you” algorithm hones in on profile attributes and relevant historical data. Burns says “brands often base recommendations solely on the last item viewed/purchased or the most recent behavior, which limits their ability to deliver a broader, more all-encompassing personalized recommendation.” 

Rapid mobile app personalization deployment — This consists of mobile app tutorials, sample code and applications and tips on personalization. We’ve heard from many marketers and developers that they’re delaying mobile personalization efforts due to perceptions of complexity with mobile app deployments of a personalization solution.”



New SDKs for faster deployment of Adobe Target — This allows brands to personalize content, products, design and messages, using a visual editor, Burns says. It also allows for “more technical personalization actions where a developer provides support, such as personalizing the steps within a checkout buy-flow.

Adobe is also offering advice on best practices through its Adobe Experience League, and improved privacy and security, Burns adds.

Adobe Target is the personalization tool of Adobe Experience Cloud. 

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