Quantcast, Kochava Partner To Create Privacy Compliant Platform For Web, Mobile Apps

Quantcast has added compliance for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) across web and mobile apps. The move is made possible through a partnership with Kochava, which provides real-time data for mobile apps.

The partnership, announced Friday, also makes the companies more flexible to support other privacy measures as states move to secure and protect consumer data.

The announcement of the addition to the cloud-based software Quantcast Choice builds on the 2018 launch of the platform. It’s essentially a tag that companies can add to their website.

Peter Day, Quantcast CTO, says the company began this journey with the introduction of GDPR in Europe, when European clients — publishers and advertisers — struggled for compliance. “It was designed from the ground up to be easy and simple to implement,” he says.

When asked whether keeping up with the regulations has been difficult, Day said “It’s been very difficult,” partly because in the beginning many of the regulations rely on interpretation. Engineers need to sift through a lot of ambiguity. 

Day said there are 60,000 companies using the platform to comply with GDPR, from very small blogs to publishers like BuzzFeed. When CCPA regulations emerged, although it had unique laws, publishers asked for one platform they could rely on to comply with laws in all countries and states — not only regulations today, but any in the future. The key is allowing consumers to opt-in or opt-out, he says, and there is a mechanism for transmitting consent signals.

“We partnered with the IAB, so everyone would distribute consent in the same way,” Day says. “Education is difficult at scale, so it will take time."

Quantcast and Kochava have been working with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in the U.S. and the IAB Europe to ensure that all involved understand compliance. Choice complies with the IAB standards.

“We plan to make the platform comply with new regulations despite the changes that may occur,” Day says. “State regulations can add a lot of complexity to the technology.”

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