Founders Of, OpenX Launch CTV Media-Buying, Performance Platform Based On Search

tvScientific, a TV ad-tech company, launched an end-to-end connected TV buying and attribution system geared toward digital marketers that value performance media. The platform, developed by two industry icons, debuted Tuesday.

The idea is to eliminate the high barriers to entry into TV advertising using a search-advertising model, making it accessible to all businesses.

Between 300 and 500 advertisers dominate the entire legacy TV media buying industry, depending on the season, said Jason Fairchild, co-founder and CEO of tvScientific. "They control about 80% of all traditional TV ad budgets," he said. "Compare TV with paid search, where there are nine million advertisers participating. That's a huge gap."

tvScientific allows businesses to buy and measure CTV media on one platform. Marketers can set up a CTV media buy in 10 minutes or less, then evaluate campaigns the way it is done in search and social advertising.

Fairchild, an early executive at and co-founder of OpenX, teamed up with Bill Gross, who pioneered the pay-per-click advertising model at, to launch tvScientific. The company is based on the same PPC model that made Google billions of dollars.

tvScientific raised $1.5 million in seed funding from IdealabX and MathCapital in addition to well-known advertising-tech leaders including Tim Cadogan of GoFundMe, OpenX, Yahoo, and Overture; Tom Chavez pf super{set}, Krux; John Gentry of OpenX and Overture; and Kent Wakeford of Integral Ad Science and Kabam, among others.

The goal of tvScientific is to help companies buy and measure advertising performance, similar to search advertising.

At the time it launched, the paid-search model seemed revolutionary, because marketers could measure campaigns and see the clicks that the sale of search ads generated.

The model was easy to use. Marketers could set up an account and begin driving clicks in 10 minutes. The combination of these attracted millions of businesses to search advertising.

The platform has direct access to more than 90% of premium CTV publishers, bypassing unnecessary technology layers that allow businesses to buy premium CTV inventory at efficient rates.

The tvScientific platform also features advanced audience targeting, measurement, attribution solutions, and optimization.

Fairchild said the platform can track when a CTV household member does a Google search, goes to the Domino’s pizza website, and orders a pizza. The data can be pushed into Google Analytics and measure the multitouch experience. Clicks are measured based on CTV exposure.

The platform can target more than 15,000 unique customer segments. It offers measurement and attribution through proprietary deterministic ID technology to match CTV ad exposure to site visitations and performance. With direct attribution, the platform enables advertisers to make real-time decisions on campaign performance and media plan optimization.

tvScientific connects buyers to hundreds of premium CTV inventory sellers and data providers across a wide variety of platforms, CTV OEMs and tech infrastructure providers, including SpotX, Magnite, OpenX, Samsung, running on CTV devices like Samsung, Vizio, and Roku, among others. 

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