Luxury Brand Piaget Uses Instagram To Serve Customers

Piaget marketers for the luxury brand are using the company's website and the Instagram messaging app to reach affluent consumers online. The company uses the technology to showcase its brand and products while also connecting with consumers.

Technology has become one of the most important tools for the luxury watch and jewelry company. While it began as an extension of the brand’s image, now it has has become an inspiring way to connect with consumers at the point-of-sale.

Julie Thompson, chief digital officer at Piaget, who previously served Unilever, and L’Oreal in a variety of roles, said "it’s an interesting experience to drive a digital agenda for a high-luxury brand, because it’s not typically where you would see innovation and change, especially this type of activity through a chatbot."

Through Instagram, Piaget replicates the high-touch, in-store experience customers have become accustomed to expect. Customer service ambassadors focus on high-value engagements, while the AI chatbot answers simple questions, such as price and availability.

Piaget, which is known for its fine jewelry and watches for affluent consumers, is working with Quiq to connect its customers on Instagram with “customer-service ambassadors” who answer questions, provide product recommendations and help clients make a purchase.

Piaget's clients are mostly women in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and China in their mid-30s to early-40s, who are looking for high-end jewelry and watches.

The company’s website, with sophisticated search features, as well as Instagram have become the first line to drive a very high-end experience online and in stores, Thompson said. “It was a challenge at first to understand how we could leverage an AI assistant and chatbot in our industry and figure out the level of information needed in the space,” she said.

Piaget saw a six-times increase in click-through-rates to its website via its automated assistant on Messenger and an increase in customer engagement with 40% of users now taking two or more actions after they leave chat.

The company initially began testing consumer-response times through InstaMessage Instagram Chat — answering very simple questions around pricing and product availability.

The strategy is unique. Not many high-end luxury brands similar to Piaget use a messaging app to connect with consumers.

Businesses like Piaget connect their Instagram accounts through Quiq’s Messenger API for Instagram. The integration enables brands to respond to customer inquiries using both conversational AI and human agents, while building deeper and more engaged relationships.

This integration with the Messenger API for Instagram gives agents a seamless workflow to conduct Instagram conversations in the same place that they handle web, Messenger, SMS, Google Business Messages and Apple Business Chat conversations. 

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