TikTok, Zefr Partnership Provides Brand Safety, Suitability Measurement To Advertisers

TikTok last year surpassed Google as the most-visited website in the world, making the platform an attractive channel for advertising brands.

TikTok will now work with video data company Zefr to ensure that in-feed ads across North America, United Kingdom, and European Union are placed in suitable environments that are relevant to consumers.

Rob Pearsall, managing director of social activation at Omnicom Media Group, sees the Zefr and TikTok partnership as an example of collaboration between “media stakeholders” to keep brands safe.

The Cognition AI machine-learning engine powers the technology.

The new product provides advertisers with independent, video-level verification of nearby content on TikTok that maps to the Global Alliance of Responsible Media (GARM) brand-safety floor and brand suitability categories. 



The technology aims to give advertisers deeper insights and campaign analytics that map back to each of the 11 GARM categories.

Advertisers can access Zefr’s safety and suitability dashboard by applying the company’s measurement solution directly in the TikTok Ad Manager, after selecting TikTok's proprietary pre-bid product, such as TikTok's Inventory Filter.

Zefr’s Cognition AI engine combines audio, text, and video analysis, frame-by-frame, with human reviewers and moderators.

Most interesting, the company built the technology specifically for video platforms, as traditional approaches to brand safety in the open web such as semantics and keywords were insufficient for the highly dynamic and nuanced world of video.

Dave Byrne, TikTok head of brand safety and industry relationships, believes the partnership provide an opportunity to become increasingly transparent, providing advertisers with the ability to analyze and understand the impact of their campaigns that are safely running on the platform.

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