Publicis' Profitero Launches Chatbot Assistant Combining GAI With Commerce Analytics

Publicis' Profitero on Wednesday announced the launch of Ask Profitero, a chat-based assistant that combines generative artificial intelligence (GAI) with commerce analytics.

Using conversational GAI models, Ask Profitero converts detailed reports into actionable insights accessible to anyone through the AI assistant. Omnichannel commerce teams can use the solution to query Profitero's commerce intelligence offering, including digital shelf analytics for 1,000 global retailers, Amazon market share data, and predictive content optimization insights.

Todd Hassenfelt, Global Digital Commerce Director, Strategy & Execution at Colgate-Palmolive, believes that given the overwhelming amount of product and retailer data available, companies must optimize how “we analyze, visualize and make decisions.”

Ask Profitero curating actionable insights from digital shelf and market share data, as well as produces AI-generated content for retailer websites from its predictive analytics suite, all within the brand’s private environment.

Sales managers can use Ask Profitero to understand products losing market share and identify the root causes, such as issues with product availability, search or negative reviews, while isolating the factors causing competitors to gain share.

Marketers can identify in minutes top searched-for keywords in a category and generate optimized titles to boost organic search rank and conversion.

The amount of information online will not reseed. A recent survey from Profitero found that half of consumers consult online sources, including search, before making a purchase, and one in three will pull out their mobile device to consult digital sources while in store.

About 500 U.S. respondents participating in the Primary Decision Maker in Household were ages 18 and older. The data for this survey was collected using SurveyMonkey Audience between May 17 and May 24, 2023.

The data found 55% of consumers plan to increase the amount of shopping they do online during the next five years. The study also found that consumers have increasingly become hybrid shoppers in how they research, plan, and shop. Key findings include:

  • Six in 10 new buyers are more like to discover new products online 
  • Six in 10 consumers will switch if a product is out of stock
  • Four in 10 will switch with bad ratings and reviews
  • Four in 10 will switch if not findable in search
  • Walmart is the most trusted retailer for pre-trip planning across all categories. 
  • Up to four in 10 shoppers research on Amazon before visiting a physical store.
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