Media.Monks Pulls Nvidia, Adobe, AWS Into AI And ML Content Production

Media.Monks, the digital operating brand of S4Capital, announced an offering based on artificial intelligence (AI) that integrates machine learning into its software-defined production system for brands and companies that want to get creative.

The idea is to give fans hyper-personalized content across new media formats by using the most recent GPUs, networking technologies and software platforms from Nvidia, Adobe and Amazon Web Services. The updated offering selects highlights from live broadcasts and distributes custom content highlights to interest-based audiences.

Lewis Smithingham, senior vice president of innovation at Media.Monks, believes it’s important to deliver a more personalized experience for consumers and brands as efficiently as possible.

The best use-case is sports, but Media.Monks realizes that Gen Z consumes most of their content, if not all, on non-linear channels, extending the impact to fans of any genre, including fans of an artist like Post Malone or Lizzo like The Song Breaker Award, or culture in Complexland.

Some 73% of PwC’s Sports Survey respondents perceive the use of their data as “below expectations” or worse. Gen Z now consumes 50% of highlights, compared with 35% of live content, which validates the need for a moment-based approach to content delivery.



MediaMonks' software-powered production system operates remotely and is run by a globally distributed team. It offers immediate production, consulting and integration services to clients. The company claims that it cuts product costs in half, and reduces risks related to traditional broadcasting workflows.

By eliminating the need for single-use broadcast appliances, Media.Monks’ system provides versatility to meet the ever-changing demands of multi-format delivery to new media forms, screens and platforms.

Livestreaming multi-camera shows at up to 5K 60fps, and at speeds of 50Mbps or greater from event locations to viewers globally, is made possible by collaborations with pioneering companies including Adobe, AWS, Canon, Central Control,, NVIDIA, RED Digital Cinema, The Switch, and Vizrt.

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