Edward Jones Asks 'What Does It Mean To Be Rich'?

Edward Jones wants to help people define "rich" on their terms -- whether it means spending more time with friends and family, sharing memories, taking steps in a new direction, or just living life on their own terms.

“Our research has found that the current financial-services landscape can be quite confusing for people,” says Tim Rea, chief experience, brand and marketing officer at Edward Jones. “The idea for our campaign was inspired by the insight that now, more than ever, people need personal, contextualized financial advice grounded in deep personal connection.”

Developed in-house and supported by Accenture Song, part of Accenture, the 30-second ad is based on market insights and the idea that being "rich" is not determined by financial resources, but by meaningful human connections.

The 30-second ad -- part of the company’s latest brand and performance campaign -- will run across TV, digital, audio, and outdoor channels.



Highlighting lighthearted and meaningful moments, the campaign centers on understanding what is truly important to people, what they value and what they love -- all the things that make each person's life uniquely rich.

This provided an opportunity to develop a new platform that uses the “white space in a very cluttered category,” reflecting a basic human truth that is often seen, but rarely acted on -- “living a rich life is about so much more than money.”

In the video spot, the narrator says: “Maybe rich is less about reaching a magic number. And more about discovering magic.”

When asked what type of engagement data and insights the company hopes to see, Rea said, “we will see what resonates with people through standard brand and ad metrics, and make adjustments along the way.”

It will allow marketers to find and optimize key points to potentially help more people achieve what is important to them.

“This campaign is part of how we evaluate the way investors perceive our brand,” he says. “As part of a larger brand strategy, we’re also measuring familiarity, regard, meaning, and uniqueness. This campaign should help us increase these important drivers to generally build equity for the brand.”

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