NBCU Expands VideoAmp And EDO Deals, Offers Programmatic Access To Olympics

Focusing its measurement efforts on the upcoming TV and video upfront market, NBCUniversal will be integrating its first-party identity data with that of VideoAmp for NBCU’s One Platform Total Audience.

The announcement was made during NBCU's One24 technology and data event in New York City on Wednesday. One24 was held at the company's Rockefeller Center headquarters.

The expanded deal with VideoAmp for One Platform will offer audience-based cross-platform planning and measurement -- looking for the overlap of viewing usage of linear and streaming audiences.

NBCU also announced One Platform Total Measurement, which supports the company’s cross-platform planning and activation technology, One Platform Total Audience. The two ‘One Platform’ efforts link together outcome-based metrics (Total Measurement) with viewership insights (Total Audience).



NBC says the counting of audience and return-on-investment metrics offers marketers the full range of the awareness-through purchasing funnel.

NBCU also announced 324 new audience segments based on the type of content people watch.

Marketers can use these new segments to match with their own first-party data.

In addition, NBCU says it is expanding another measurement deal with EDO for “greater mid-funnel engagement metrics connected to cross-platform outcomes.”

Also for what NBCU says is its real-time outcome-based measurement effort, it is partnering with Kochava for advertising clients “lower-funnel, multi-screen attribution metrics." This includes app installs, in-app purchases, website conversions, and other measures.

NBCU says that for the first time ever, its Paris Olympics and Paralympic Games will be available to advertisers programmatically. This includes a partnership with the big demand-side platform The Trade Desk -- opening up its private marketplace, for biddable Olympic Games inventory access marketers can purchase.

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