LinkedIn, Samba TV, Amazon Expand Alternative Ad Solutions For First-Party Data Options

Google has prompted a slew of new innovations across the industry as the company continues to implement privacy tracking measures without cookies.

One such feature that will be implemented by LinkedIn Ads is UTMs -- Urchin Tracking Modules -- which has snippets of code attached to the end of an ad's URL that are automated and dynamic, intended to improve tracking without browser cookies yet still focused on privacy. 

UTMs are automated and dynamic, and meant to improve tracking without browser cookies.

LinkedIn's solution monitors campaign performance without third-party cookies. The company plans to roll out the tool this week. Marketers previously had to manually create UTM parameters for campaigns, but with Dynamic UTMs, this process is automated. Now they can add static and dynamic URL parameters to campaigns.

The post explains how.



With the change in privacy regulations and the use of first-party data, companies are cozying up to some unlikely partners.

Adobe on Monday announced a new offering — Adobe Real-Time CDP Collaboration — that also links to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Clean Rooms so marketers can securely collaborate without having to share, reveal, or copy their underlying first-party data with partners.

An Amazon spokesperson said the partnership comes at a time when advertising and marketing continue to change with the phaseout of cookies and as regulatory pressures continue for more secure data practices.

Earlier this week, Samba TV announced an integration with Meta that allows advertisers to measure the lift from campaigns across its properties such as Facebook and Instagram. Samba TV's measurement tools provide insights into the effectiveness of media strategies in driving new viewers as a result of exposure to ads on Meta. The company says that the integration helps brands understand campaign effectiveness and make data-driven decisions when allocating marketing spend. 

Others are debating over Google Privacy Sandbox and its impact on the industry. In an emailed statement, Grant Simmons, vice president of Kochava Foundry, underscores the industry's shift toward privacy-first approaches and the need for collaboration with leaders, including IAB Tech Lab. 

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