LinkedIn Study Finds 67% Of CMOs Expect To Go Through A Reorg This Year

CMOs in the B2B marketing space strongly believe that what they do today will change in the near future, as confirmed by a LinkedIn study released this week at Cannes Festival of Creativity.

LinkedIn partnered with Ipsos, surveying about 2,000 marketing leaders across eight global markets to determine how marketers view the future. The study was fielded in March 2024.

The CMOs surveyed said they allocate budgets across many channels and activities, with 23% focusing on paid media, 21% on creative development, and 18% on events and sponsorships. Tomorrow, nine in 10 think they will prioritize budgets and resources more in line with company goals.

Building the team the company needs to compete in the marketplace will become more important. More than four in 10 respondents said their organization went through a reorganization in 2023, but 67% of CMOs expect that will likely happen again this year.



The majority -- 60 vs. 40 -- will pursue new customer relationships stead of investing in existing ones.

Not surprisingly, most see generative artificial intelligence (GAI) integrated in their future, and two in three use GAI in their marketing efforts today, up 20% year-over-year since 2023, while six in 10 have already begun to establish guidelines.

Nine in 10 are advocating for bolder and more creative campaigns, with 67% increasing their budgets to make it happen.

Some 64% of marketing leaders surveyed said they are increasing budgets to improve on customer experiences. Breaking down that data further, 47% will focus on connected television (CTV) to help with better targeting and personalization, 39% augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and 33% GAI.

Some 44% will focus on increasing the brand experience in CTV, and 45% in AR and VR.

Today, many combine traditional techniques with innovative technology, with 75% focusing on social media, 61% on email, 42% on blogs, and 20% on CTV.

But CMOs are looking to consider new mediums and channels, with 55% saying they will increase their use of CTV, and four in 10 plan to increase their use of blogs. More than 50% said visual content like videos and infographics are the top form of content used in marketing efforts.

When it comes to interpreting data, today’s methods differ greatly from the futures. Seven in 10 today say they have the correct technology to measure marketing activities. The top digital skills added to LinkedIn profiles during the past year include data analysis, and data analytics. Companies did say they will boost data skills in the coming year.

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